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December 13th 2010
Published: December 16th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Finally the photo you go...First the house and I'm happy to say it passed the final inspection!! We are IN!...then some back issue pix of Europe and Vietnam from the last wander.

it's still difficult to reconcile with myself that I live in New South Wales, true it gives me the right to lay sh*t on my former state of Victoria, but to be a newsouthwelshman just doesn't seem right.

And I'm suffering from not using the ipad, I'm back on the lappo and it doesn't have the same cuteness of the ipad which modifies, alters and corrects almost everything i write, such as capitalising i, for example!! I may have appeared a tad harsh in the last entry, for the things it does well , it does very very well, some of it's features are fantastic even, just some shortcomings, some basic nasty greed of the apple corp, anyway....

But, here I am out on the deck with the million dollar view and the crickets are going berko! don't know what is going on but it must be related to the weather. Tres unseasonable as they say in Paris, but at least we have had a couple of fine days after a few weeks of rain....and another big dump predicted before xmas. I'm a happy camper but it is a pain for some, altho' no-one around here would ever complain about too much rain!
So, i have the ability to get some photos onto the blog so this may well be more of a pictorial review than a rant, much to the relief of some! but you know I just cant help getting a few words in.....

and just looking back over the last few entries, so much has gone on, so much unrecorded, so much I have forgotten.

And now the bottom line, back in Melb for xmas then probably home for new year then Hanoi in Jan to work, shock horror, yes, it's come to this!

Hey, and I hope you all have a lovely time too!

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on yer bike!on yer bike!
on yer bike!

Gwen on the first ever bicycle. invented in Karlsruhe of course

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