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April 12th 2006
Published: April 12th 2006
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The start of my Oz Experience! Started yesterday 6:30am, hopped in the bus and listened to our tour guide talk about everything we’re going to do. Sounds like this is going to be a wicked trip. But it could very well get costly, I just paid $105 for one night food/stay/activities; but it was so very worth it. The group is awesome and the place we stayed is super cool. It’s remade to look like a mining village and the activities included a choice of night kayaking/horseback riding/Abseiling (going down a cliff on a rope)/mountain biking. I chose Night kayaking and biking. After a free lunch, a guy from Jersey (UK) named Chris and I headed Mountain biking which was said to be quite extreme. After a 20 min bus ride we were at the start of the trail and on our way. The Biking really was extreme; it was straight downhill with ruts on either side of a dirt path. One wrong move and you’re flying over your handle bars at 50km. After white knuckling my way down we were at the last hill and I hadn’t fallen. One more little hill to go, one STEEP little hill. I fell three times over my handle bars and missed cow shit by a foot. The “widow maker” made me its newest member of the widow club.

We came back for some relax and then all you can eat pizza for $10. From there we were off to night kayaking which is literally what it sounds. We were going down class 3 rapids in the dark with nothing but a headlamp and really ugly wetsuits. (I Purposely chose the ugliest one I could find). It wasn’t as exciting as expected but still a good time, I led the pack down the rapids only a few times getting caught on rocks. I eventually started looking for people on rock and just started ramming into them as hard as I could. They were inflatable kayaks so I figure it was all safe. From the kayaking the story goes to (As every good story does) alcohol. We grabbed our beer and hopped in the hot tub. After probably three too many a few of us (including Celeste and Tom ) ran down to the creek to scare the second group of kayakers as they finished their trip. We swam through the creek underwater
Chris (Jersey)Chris (Jersey)Chris (Jersey)

ON the way to biking
and jumped up pretending we were platypus; I’m still convinced they were scared shitless even though they won’t admit it. The night continued in its drunken mess and before long I was passed out from fatigue and alcohol. It’s now Day two and we’re on the bus to some place for surf lessons. Should be fun now that I'm ‘intermediate’!
Thesteps.com.au for pictures more pictures.

Today we pretty much drove all day. We made it to the surf camp at Cresent Head and had some surfing. Im stealing their signals (Im a common day thief); now its time for more drinking and sitting around the campfire. Having so much fun and so happy to be on this tour. I making good friends with some of these people already.
PS - I took my laptop. oops.

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Our cookOur cook
Our cook

me looking stupid Oven baked pizza
The StepsThe Steps
The Steps

we went down these for our night kayaking.
Cruel Cruel PeopleCruel Cruel People
Cruel Cruel People

A fly we captured and smoked out. He didnt last long.

14th April 2006

crazy kid
only you would think to pretend to be a platypus to scare kayakers? the trip does sound awesome, although i do think your story is entirely made up. just wanted to wish you a happy easter. and i can't believe you didn't choose to repel down some rocks. that would be sweet.. did you take any pics of your widow making injury?
16th April 2006

i miss you! im glad that you are having fun, and... finally breaking out the (highly kristine approved) alcomahol. i think i may even email you, out of my lack of desire to study for exams.

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