Last-Minute Tips Before you Go on a Holiday

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November 19th 2019
Published: November 19th 2019
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The feeling of realising you are going on a holiday is exciting. Prior planning is the best when going for a vacation. If you are not prepared, you may end up forgetting the obvious yet, critical items.

So before you jet out, observe this handy checklist to ensure everything is in order. These tips will save you time and avoid obvious mistakes.

Ensure your Passport is valid

An out of date passport can turn your excitement into a nightmare. Few will take time to confirm if their passport is still valid in advance. It is important you do it, or you may have to forget about your dream trip.

Besides, check the countries destination where you are flying to. Some countries have policies where your passport is valid for a certain period from your arrival dates. Do you homework so you know if you require a visa or not.

Airlines will not let you board unless you have the relevant visa prior to departure.

Secure Your Home

Nothing will wreck your holiday memories fast like coming home only to realise it has been broken into. Knowing how to secure your home is imperative. Do a thorough cross-check of the doors, windows and ensure they are all in perfect condition.

If you have any due deliveries like groceries, cancel them. Clean out the fridge, trash the garbage, pick up the floors, water the plants, turn off the water, unplug and turn off electronics.

It is worth to ask a family member or a trusted friend to check on your house. Pause your mail or remove any mail from behind your front door. You do not want to come back to a heap of letters waiting for you.

Check your Flight and Confirm Departure Time

Navigate to the airline website at least 24 hours before the departure of your first flight. As you do this, confirm the departure time as well. The airline might have change the departure time on you, so the best action is to call them and confirm. Do not forget to arrive at the airport within the recommended time frame.

Check if you have Required Documents for your Trip

Have all the essential travelling documents together. Be it your boarding pass, driving license or entry visas let them be in one folder. Also, take with you some contact details just in case something happens, you can contact them.

Make copies of everything; your passport and itinerary visa leave them with your relative or someone you trust. This could be of help in case you happen to find yourself without your original documents.

Take Care of Your Pet

Unless you are travelling with your pet, organise for care while you are away. Doing this you will have a piece of mind knowing that someone has taken care of your friend. You can organise with a pet sitter or perhaps a home sitter who will look after everything.

Inform your Bank

It is important to inform your bank when you will be travelling. Let them know if you intend to use your debit card while on holiday.

This is because some banks may have geo-restrictions and an overseas activity can cause suspicion and suspend it. You do not want to get your card stopped after enjoying your dream meal.

Sort out your Travel Money

Do not wait until the last minute to sort out your travel money as it can cost you a lot. You will find the cheapest rates online, but you can research online and compare exchange rates.

You can, however, opt for a prepaid card. A prepaid card works on a pay-as-you-go method. All you need is to load the money on the card and then to top it up, you call or go online.

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