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September 20th 2010
Published: September 20th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

A gang of RobbersA gang of RobbersA gang of Robbers

At Dilly Beach
Hi All,

Sorry about this, but this is the first blog where I have been unable to thing of a titile, though I do have a few good ones for further down the track.

I just thought i would give you a little update for the week past, not a lot has happened really so don’t get your expectations up.

On Wednesday I past my half way mark of being away for weeks so far, and this week has been as busy as usual.

I think about 3 times this week I have got home from work, lay on the bed whilst speaking to Caroline, finished the call then the next then the next thing was it was about 1.30 am in the morning, so the only thing for it was get undressed, turn the light off get in to bed and go to sleep, only to rise again at 5.00am and it all starts again.

This week I have noticed a few juvenile robber crabs around on the road, they are about the size of a bottom of a standard bucket and are so sweet.

The Red crab fences are still going up and there is defiantly more red crab movement, I have been told that due to the amount of rain we have had, they are confused as, this should be the dry season.

I am typing this on Sunday morning 19/09/2010 at 09.15 in the morning and it is hurling down with rain.

Something from my memory, last Sunday when I got home from work, I put my Camera Battery on Charge, had a bit on a Nana then went to Margaret’s Knoll and South Point, beautiful afternoon after heavy rain in the morning, got my camera out for a couple of shots and realised I had left the battery still on charge.

I’m quite surprised how many swear words I know !!

The photo I have put up is from one of my Colleagues when he went down to the beach a while ago.

Love to you all.


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