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Jeudi 4 février: Je suis allée faire un petit tour sur Red Hill, une réserve naturelle avec Hudson le chien. D'en haut la vue est magnifique.... read more

Samedi 6 février: Je suis allée au jardin botanique de Canberra où j'ai rencontré 3 autres au pairs, Maxence et Carolane qui sont française et Johanna qui est allemande. Le jardin est jolie mais nous avons été un peu déçu par sa petite taille. Nous y avons quand même vu des lézards et des Kangourous, dont un avec un petit dans la poche. Il y avait un concert d'une chanteuse pour enfants, une genre de Chantal Goya australienne.... read more

Mercredi 20 janvier 2016, 10h15 heure australienne (00h15 en France): J'atterris enfin à Canberra, la capitale de l'Australie, après 25 heures de voyage. La famille pour laquelle je vais être au pair pour 6 mois vient me chercher. Ils sont super. Ils sont 5, les parents Rowena et Robert et leurs 3 filles Nikita (10 ans), Keaulana (12 ans) et Montana (14 ans). La maison est top. Je passe cette première journée à me reposer, le décalage horaire se fait sentir, 10 heures c'est beaucoup. Jeudi 21 janvier 2016: En fin de matinée, après avoir posée Montana en ville, Row m'amène au bord du lac de Canberra pour me montrer des Kangourous.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory December 28th 2015

Although I am an Australian resident I still travel using my Swedish passport. My boyfriend and I have recently been thinking of going travelling for a while in the beginning of the New Year before I start working full time. As we were brainstorming trip ideas and getting itchy travelling feet I suddenly realised that my passport expires in February next year. The balloon filled with travel excitement started to deflate. My first thought was that I could simply renew my passport at the Swedish consulate in Perth. After many email and phone discussions I was told that the only option for me was to renew my passport in Sweden or at an actual embassy. In Australia there is one Swedish Embassy: in Canberra. So through pure bureaucratic forces I had to book a last minute ... read more
Australian War Memorial
Australian War Memorial
Black Mountain Summit Walk

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory November 17th 2015

We had initially planned to travel from Sydney to Adelaide, in order to catch the Ghan train there. We had no definitive plans on how or when to do this journey and had deliberately not booked hotels for this leg to allow us some flexibility. As it happened, the weather in Sydney was not conducive to staying longer (19 degrees and drizzly and we are due to revisit later anyway) so we decided to move on. Our initial plan to move straight on to Adelaide was scuppered when, unless we were prepared to pay with a first born child and a kidney for a hotel room for 4 nights, we realised that Adelaide was full on the dates we needed - who knows why - we wondered if it might be cricket or something or even ... read more
En route to Canberra
Consulate/embassy flags
House of Representatives

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory November 16th 2015

We felt we had to see Australian Capital as we were driving past it but everyone we spoke to thought we were crazy for wanting to go. Their viewpoint was supported by all the books and tourist information we've read which said that there was very little there. For this reason we decided to only spend half a day there. We left Sydney and immediately started having engine troubles with a warning light coming on, at first intermittently and then solidly. It turned out the light was for the water level. I checked the vehicle's manual and, when I couldn't find the water tank where it claimed it was, realised we had the wrong manual. I then opened the engine and looked but couldn't work out how to fill the tank. We limped on to a ... read more
Australian War Memorial
Anzac Parade and Parliament Building
Lake George

I got into Canberra mid afternoon, once I had checked in I went for a wander around the capital of Australia. Its much calmer than Sydney, with large pedestrianised sections to walk through. There were people protesting in the street and lots of random sculptures. My first stop was to find some credit for the Australian sim I got when I was last in Australia. Once that was sorted I booked myself in for a Segway tour around Canberra. I then had a walk through the shopping areas and found my way into a comic book store, where I found graphic novels 1-4 of the firefly stories in hard back. It was the first time I had found all 4 together and so bought them. Once back at the hostel I read the first instalment. Before ... read more

Day 1 (15/10/2015) Left Cranbourne at 8.05PM to get a start & shorten the following day’s drive. Arrived Seymour at 10.35PM & camped near a 24hour service station. Day 2 (16/10/2015) Departed Seymour at 3.45AM. Extremely busy road with hundreds of semi trailers, but being a 2 lane highway in each direction made it an easy drive. Arrived Wangaratta at 5.10AM for breakfast. Caffeine need was high & it gave the necessary kick to get the body into second gear. Departed Wangaratta at 5.50AM. Stopped in Albury to get petrol: Unleaded $129.7/L 48.74L 379.5km 12.7L/100kms Arrived Gundagai at 9.35AM. Took some photos of the dog on the Tuckerbox & had a brief walk to stretch the legs. Departed Gundagai at 10.05AM. Had lunch 30km from Canberra under a nice shady tree just to freshen up before ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory September 23rd 2015

It was planned to have some quiet time with Catherine and Ben but that was a little tricky as at least one of us felt less than 100% at some stage while we were in Canberra, Day 1 we had a late start and then lunch with Catherine at a local cafe before she went to work. Then we went to the Telstra Tower, Canberra Botanic Gardens (briefly) and then to the Bank (which was next door to where Catherine worked). Great bank - they just keep giving us money when we ask for it! Day 2 was the Library, the Portrait Gallery and National Gallery. The library has "treasures" on display and they did not disappoint. An historic exhibition by William Strutt (including paintings of Burke and Wills as they left Melbourne and Bushrangers in ... read more
Telstra Tower Lookout
Telstra Tower Lookout
Dinner with Catherine and Ben

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory September 20th 2015

Before we left Cowra, we stopped in to the Japanese Gardens and acquainted ourselves with the history of Cowra and specifically the POW camp at Cowra during World War 2. The POW camp was built to hold 4,000 prisoners and by 1944 was overcrowded. Italians, Koreans, Formosans and Japanese were housed at Cowra at this time but a plan to split the Japanese prisoners by sending lower ranks to Hay seems to be the catalyst for the breakout attempt. Early on 5th August 1944, the Japanese in B compound set fire to their huts and stormed the barbed wire perimeter fence. Over 300 Japanese escaped but they were all re-captured within a few weeks. The breakout attempt cost the lives of four Australian soldiers and 231 Japanese. Many of the Japanese committed suicide as they believed ... read more
Cowra Japanese Gardens
Cowra Japanese Gardens
Cowra Japanese Gardens

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