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Many people still haven't taken the chance to leave their home to go on a trip to a different country. With that being said there is nothing wrong with that, and many people have their own personal reasons as to why they still haven't traveled yet. But for those looking to start an adventure on their first trip, it's important to keep a few factors in mind. With technology growing quickly there are currently many new applications on your phone that could help you while you travel. I love to use my thermometer appto tell me what the weather is like when I go to places that I have never been to. Another useful tool I like to use is the old fashion maps, you can find these for cheap either online or at the airport ... read more

Saturday March 18, 2017 Not every day is day with great highlights. Today was a day like that. No particular plans nor clear set objectives. We ended up doing some souvenir shopping and visiting the central part in town, the commercial area. After lunch we separated, i.e. Margarita, Saribel and Pedro, who went on shopping while I went back to the hotel, not to stay there, but to change clothes to go to the Black Mountain. Another opportunity to do what I have missed for a while; hiking in a real environment. Black Mountain is about 812 m high and on top of it you find the telecom antenna of Telstar which adds 195m to the total hight. The tower as a visitors deck that supposedly gives you a great view of the whole area. I ... read more

Thursday March 16, 2017 Our first day in Canberra. We meet the people we were coming to visit, my godson, Pedro Alejandroand his wife Saribel. A great event. We have planned this trip to Canberra now 3 times and in effect, the third time is the charm. Good to see them. First things first; since we have not seen any kangaroo as yet, after a great local breakfast we drive to an lcal park to see our first local animals of our visit. There are virually dozens of them everywhere in the park. The animals are accostumed to human beings, because they don't get alarmed or walk away even if you are standing only a couple odd meters from them. After the kangaroos, we went to visit the Australian Parliament House, here reside the Senate and ... read more

Friday March 17, 2017 The day started with a hike, i.e. a hike up Mount Ainslie; "a mountain" of some 850 m high. Not very demanding, but for me, a trip back to the past. I had not hiked a decent "mountain" for quite a while. It felt great. Going up, to my surprise a ran into a dark grey kangaroo one with rings around the eyes that look like glasses. The interesting thing was that he stopped at some 7 meters next to the path I was going on. He looked my way, and I obviously looked his. Before I could get my phone out for a picture, he was hopping away downhill. He was in no hurry, nevertheless he was faster than I could get my phone ready. Fascinating these type of encounters. Going ... read more

Had a day off today (thanks boss) to have a go at getting the final bits sorted with the Maverick before we concentrate on how and where to pack everything. Got a few good things sorted - drawers back in with new rubber stops, shovel holder sorted out for the roof rack and I even had to time to wash and de-grease the engine bay. Washing the engine bay may sound pretty lame but I have the ol' girl booked into the mechanic this week and no mechanic likes working on a filthy engine so I thought it best that I look after the blokes that'll look after my engine! Speaking of which, I think I'll organise a custom airbox for them to put in before we go. The standard Nissan air intake in the GQs ... read more
Seats and carpet
Need an airbox

Time is strange at the moment. Creeping slowly when we are doing stuff we don't want to do but flying by as we realise how much preparation we still need to do! We were looking to go for a bit of a test run last weekend but due to sickness and poor weather we didn't make it out. Now when I say bad weather, it wasn't just a touch of rain - it was a full on hail storm during the footy match I was umpiring that was coming in so hard and cold that some kids started crying and we had to take them off! With a week off in the first week of finals we might get out for a quick 4WD this weekend instead. Not much of note to report tonight. I've put ... read more
WA trip map

To be honest, we've been getting ready for this trip for a while. A couple of weeks ago we picked up our brand new Skamper Kamper Ranger off road camp trailer. Looks the goods so far, just need to work out how to get one of the taps working properly... Now that the shelter has been sorted I have started ramping up the work on the truck. Took out all of the seats and belts and other stuff ready to lay some new Formshield underlay that is supposed to reduce road noise and deflect heat. It certainly looks the goods! I've also rewired behind the dash (again) with a better setup, ready to install six new gauges. That in itself will be quite the project involving cutting down a perfectly good centre dash which may end ... read more

Geo: -35.3284, 149.084This morning we planned to meet up with Heidi a friend from work many years ago and who I recently got into contact with through Facebook, we met at the TwenntyOne Cafe across the road from the hotel, it was strange that despite the years we both recognised each other instantly, we spent a good time talking about our lives since we last met. In conversation it came up about the number of carcass's littering the road side on our way up to Canberra, Heidi explained that if you hit an animal you had to remove it from the highway and if it was a Roo or Wallaby you had to check it's pouch in case it had a joey in there in which case you had to notify the authorities so that resolved ... read more
National Dinosaur Museum
National Dinosaur Museum
National Dinosaur Museum

Geo: -35.3284, 149.084The drive up to Canberra was different to say the least the change in countryside was quite marked and all of a sudden we were seeing snow warnings as we progressed although I didn't think they were anything to worry about as we'd just about reached our maximum climb the thing that will forever stick with me about this stretch of road was road kill. It started with a few roos and then occasionally a few wallabies as we progressed the sheer number was startling we stopped counting them in the end and then we started seeing dead Wombats as well ( we really wanted to see Wombats in the wild but this wasn't what we wanted) The really strange thing was that all the dead bodies were at the side of the road ... read more
Parliament House
Parliament House
Parliament House

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Dimanche 21 février: Avec Sarra nous sommes allé passer la journée à Kambah pool, un coin baignade sur la rivière Murrumbidgee. C'est un endroit calme, paisible et très beau. Que dire d'autre à part qu'il faisait très chaud? Ah oui, il y a une plage nudiste 200m après le coin de baignade et en explorant on s'est faite avoir et on est presque tombée nez à nez avec un monsieur tout nu, lol.... read more

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