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About to embark on a ‘bucket list’ trip. Exploring Scotland. Land of Bill’s birth and land of some of my ancestors. Can’t wait to get started. ... read more

Sydney, Australia 4-13-2016 Cairns, Sydney Toi den Cairns luc 11am va chi co 1:40hrs de di den domestic airport ben canh de bay chuyen bay luc 1'2:40PM ve Sydney de xuong du thuyen. Toi den Sydney luc 4PM ve di taxi den du thuyen ve den du thuyen dau tai White Bay Terninal luc 5:20PM, 20 ‘ sau khi ho dong cua . Tuy nhien ho lam thu tuc cho vao thuyen, Ho noi ho cogang lien lac voi toi de biet toi dang o dau ma khong duoc vi co le toi dang o tren may bay. Toi Thy va 2 nguoi nua ho cho doi de nho neo. Den 7Pm thi tau roi ben di New Caledonia sau 2 ngay lenh denh tren bien.... read more

Not many international tourists visit Canberra, or Australian ones either despite it being their capital city. We've gotten an equal mix of surprise and bemusement from those we've told about our visit here. Even our AirBnB host (in Canberra) politely asked us why we came, as he was more used to people renting his place for business reasons than vacation ones. Most people prefer to go straight from Sydney to Melbourne, bypassing this city altogether. But I think they are doing Canberra a bit of a disservice, because while it certainly is less metropolitan than Sydney it has lots to offer a visitor. It is a planned city, built from scratch to a design in an era (the early 20th century) that seemed to assume private automobiles were going to dominate transport and link the various ... read more
Deep Sea Diver
Badass Art
Australia War Memorial

Jervis Bay Wow. It’s the only way to describe Jervis Bay! Being so close to Sydney and along the New South Wales coast line, most people would assume that this tiny (102squared km) piece of land is part of New South Wales, but it isn’t. It is part of the ACT - Australian Capital Territory. When Canberra became the capitol in its own territory, the Australian Government thought that every capital should have its own port and naval defence base, that is why Jervis Bay is part of the ACT. Today it’s still used for Navy training, but it is also a popular spot for tourists and locals alike and its easy to see why. White Sandy beaches one side, surfing beaches the other and bush land with wild animals in between. When we first ... read more
Scottish Rock Beach
Footprints in the sand
He touched one

Canberra The capital city of Australia. The city is still expanding - they are putting in a tram service at the moment, when they drew up the plans for this city, the planned for the future as well. The changes they are making now to the city still use the original plans. Because of this the city is very circular. The main point of the city is Parliament House. This stands in the middle and the city moves out around it. Driving around Canberra isn’t too bad. There are a lot of big roundabouts, you just have to know which exit is yours else you could start to get dizzy. We hadn’t really heard much about Canberra, most other backpackers/travellers we had met had not been or planning to go. We thought as it was the ... read more
My Eye
Every now and then you have to treat yourself

Am letzten Sonntag fuhren wir von Melbourne bis zum Wilson Promontory NP, einer Halbinsel südöstlich von Melbourne, wo wir strahlendes Wetter antrafen - zu warm für eine Wanderung, aber wenigstens reichte es für einen Spaziergang. Der Tidal River und auch die wunderschöne Beach waren voll mit Australiern - Nationalpark heisst hier nicht, dass man ihn nicht nutzen darf, nur feuern darf man nicht. Auf dem Rückweg nach Foster sahen wir dann einige Kängurus - aber auf die Wombats und Koalas warten wir immer noch! Der Mann an der Rezeption im Motel schickte uns für das Nachtessen in den Golfclub- es sei nicht weit (zu Fuss). Nach 20‘ Laufen immer noch kein Golfclub, so dass ich ins Motel anrief: die Besitzerin wusste, dass der Club am Sonntag Abend geschlossen war und brachte uns mit dem Auto zu ... read more
Känguru im Wilson Promontory NP - mit Kennzeichnung
Wynery mit Nicholson River
Tidal River u. Beach im Wilsons Prom NP

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory September 12th 2017

Surely part of the joy of travelling is returning home? Particularly when, in our absence, Spring has sprung, the sun is shining and it is warm. Yay! By my reckoning, it is 34 hours since we left Madrid, we lost Monday 11th September but arrived in time to celebrate Great Gran's 93rd birthday. The eyelids are heavy but there is always time for just one more blog and a few random observations. In Spain we noticed: - Red lights can mean stop, roll on through or get a head start on the green - Smoking is still totally acceptable for both young and old and vending machines and Tabac shops are everywhere - Pedestrian crossings are a great place to cross as long as you are deliberate, quick and don't mind the rush of wind behind ... read more
Leaving Sydney - last leg of the trip
Spring has sprung

No ... not you ... although most of you are "old" friends and have travelled with us before - I am referring to our suitcases!!! Here they are again, ready for another adventure. Of course every great adventure begins with a chauffeur - thanks Bill 😀 This time a celebration has been added to the mix and we thank God for each and every one of you who has travelled the last 12 months with us and thank Him for His goodness and faithfulness. He has enabled us to be in a position to strap ourselves in and head off for a wonderful adventure in Italy and Northern Spain. We are not promising a literary masterpiece but we are delighted to be able to share this very special holiday with you Sydney here we come… 💖✈️ ... read more
Old friends
1st leg CBR-SYD

Hi there, we are almost ready to go - tested the drugs on the kids last night - and only have to pack my toilet bag ..... so I think we're ready to go :) lots of love e ps attached photo .... ha ha just a tester !!! nothing to do with our holiday... read more

Hello everyone I'm just testing this blog S... read more

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