Three weeks to go

Published: August 29th 2016
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Had a day off today (thanks boss) to have a go at getting the final bits sorted with the Maverick before we concentrate on how and where to pack everything. Got a few good things sorted - drawers back in with new rubber stops, shovel holder sorted out for the roof rack and I even had to time to wash and de-grease the engine bay. Washing the engine bay may sound pretty lame but I have the ol' girl booked into the mechanic this week and no mechanic likes working on a filthy engine so I thought it best that I look after the blokes that'll look after my engine!

Speaking of which, I think I'll organise a custom airbox for them to put in before we go. The standard Nissan air intake in the GQs is very restrictive so freeing it up should, in theory, provide for minor power and fuel economy gains which would be welcome as we'll be dragging an 850kg odd trailer behind us for this trip.

In the photos you'll see that the drawers (designed and built by yours truly) are back together and reinstalled, you may also notice a few stray wires under the driver's seat being the new stereo amplifier that I put in last week, and lastly the engine bay with the ridiculous air intake system. I am really looking forward to getting a better system in - might even be able to recycle the superfluous metal tubing into something fun!

Additional photos below
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1st September 2016

Go Petersons!
Great work mick the beast looks suitably prepared, cleane and freaking awesome! Bet Team Peterson are bloody excited for the adventure, look forward to following along online and when your able we will have to hook up a Skype call. Are you able to plot on a map where you're planning on heading or not? Would be cool to see what's in store!!

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