Three weeks to go

Published: August 23rd 2016
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Time is strange at the moment. Creeping slowly when we are doing stuff we don't want to do but flying by as we realise how much preparation we still need to do!

We were looking to go for a bit of a test run last weekend but due to sickness and poor weather we didn't make it out. Now when I say bad weather, it wasn't just a touch of rain - it was a full on hail storm during the footy match I was umpiring that was coming in so hard and cold that some kids started crying and we had to take them off! With a week off in the first week of finals we might get out for a quick 4WD this weekend instead.

Not much of note to report tonight. I've put the truck back together after wiring up the new amplifier and Formshield underlay, both of which have made a difference, but other than that, I think I've done bugger all. Actually, not 100% true. I may or may not have had a few frothies on Friday night and may or may not have given ebay and some online 4WD stores a bit of a flogging, so I have a few toys/necessities in the mail. Spoke to the mechanic today too and he may have talked me into a new airbox to install before we go. And an oil catch can. And an intercooler. I may need another mortgage...

That's it for now. I'll put up a pic of us attempting to put the camper up if we get the chance this weekend, but for now I have attached the requested pictures of the new Skamper Kamper (pretty poor phone pic a few minutes after we picker her up) and the mud map of the proposed route we'll take, at this point.


23rd August 2016

Good first blog
Very newsy Mike. We now have set up the trailer in the garage so the Corolla has to go out into the weather We have started on to do lists and packing lists today. Yah! We are getting started!

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