Not another Birthday (Poor Stewie-Continued)

Published: April 11th 2015
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I am not sure if we mentioned in the previous blog, but as we arrived back in Canberra this afternoon we pulled up at a set of traffic lights, Andy pointed out a couple of vehicles, one Lamborghini and one Ferrari, they were clearly wedding cars supported by a Jeep and a Mercedes. A moment later a police car cam screeching to a halt in front of the 3 lanes of traffic at the lights essentially blocking the road, a policeman suddenly appeared and shouted down the queue of traffic for "someone" to turn off the engine. I would swear that the whole queue of traffic turned off their engines. Well it looked like the brides day was about to be ruined, we are not sure what really happened, but perhaps they were racing each other (I can only guess), the police held up the traffic for a while before they were all pulled off to the side of the road. Later that day there were news reports that a Lamborghini crashed on the Commonwealth Bridge. Hmmm perhaps the same one, it was described as a wedding car.

We got back in and rested up for a couple of hours
Not Another Birthday (Poor Stewie Continued)Not Another Birthday (Poor Stewie Continued)Not Another Birthday (Poor Stewie Continued)

Caroline's Birthday Bash, in Canberra
before heading out again.

Sunday evening was time to catch up with Jane and Nigel, due to a lack of open Indian Restaurants, Nigel and Jane cooked a couple of beautiful curries to be eaten with fresh Roti's. Again a great evening of relaxed chatter, discussions over Lego Star Wars and once again we headed out into the cold of the night and said our goodbye's.

The weekend whizzed by and we came to the Monday which again was a public holiday and also my birthday, as usual Andy had spoilt me and had got me the new iPad Air 2, I had used my generation 4 iPad so much we felt it was time for an upgrade.

I decided to have a walk around Lake Tuggeranong, it was cloudy but the weather looked ok so figured that a walk would do me good, after all we seem to be eating and drinking our way around New South Wales and the ACT. I am soon on my way, the morning was cool but that was ok because I was warming quickly, a few drops of rain hit my face but that soon passed. I was 8 kilometres into the walk with roughly 2 kilometres to go, the few rain drops I felt started to get heavier and heavier until the rain steadily poured, this was not good so I ran for shelter and called Andy. I have never had to do that before but this rain was not showing signs of letting up for a long while so I had no choice, I asked him to come and get me, the easiest place that I could figure out for us to meet was McDonalds so I said I would buy him a coffee in return.

I had a 5 minute run to McDonalds and just as I ran up the steps to take shelter I could see Andy pull into the car park. I think most of Tuggeranong were in there taking shelter too, looking around I think a few people have cut their morning exercise short too. I ordered coffee but the desire was too much, I ordered breakfast too. Well it was my birthday and I had just walked 8 kilometres.

Later that morning we popped in to the Canberra Centre my old mobile phone was out
Not Another Birthday (Poor Stewie Continued)Not Another Birthday (Poor Stewie Continued)Not Another Birthday (Poor Stewie Continued)

Two Lamborghini's at the traffic lights in Canberra, soon to be nicked by the police
of contract and I had just never got around to upgrading so it was about time, we also wanted to cancel our dongle for the laptop as there are now much better ways for providing Wifi to the laptop when we are travelling and as the dongle was now quite a few years old it was looking a bit ropey and did not fit the usb port quite so well.

We had a great time in the Canberra Centre, just like it used to be with the exception of some new shops and a bit of a face lift in places. We checked out the cinema, nothing was on that we wanted to watch so we headed back to our temporary home and spent the rest of the day being very lazy as we had plans for dinner. It had stopped raining, but just before we went out again a storm came through.

We went to Jamie's Italian, our table was booked for 7.30 and everyone was there, Elaine and Richard, Clem and Leslie, Bob and Kym, John and Cheryl, Sue and Les and Andy and Myself, not the best of dinner's, but the important thing was that we had the opportunity to catch up with several of our friends and this was about catching up with friends and not really my birthday.

We had a great night, plenty of laughs but before bedtime we shared a few glasses of port with Les and Sue and caught up on the weekends activities.

Tuesday 7th April, the rain in Canberra was amazing, and was very heavy, we hoped very much that it was also going to be raining on Woodstock so sent a message to Helen who confirmed they had had about 55 Millimetres, which was great, that meant the sowing Robert has previously done was going to be effective.

Andy wanted to pop round to see a couple of people he used to deal with associated with the 4wheel drive community, so I took the opportunity to go for a walk around Lake Burley Griffin, a nice 5 kilometre walk bridge to bridge that I always used to do when we lived here. Cool and cloudy to the morning, but not deterred off we set.

We had cleared the first bridge and were on the home straight when we could see lightning in the distance, some time later a rumble or two. We kept up a good pace, but not quick enough, the lightning continued and very soon the rain came down, this time I could not phone Andy to come and get us, he was too far away, so we just kept walking until we got back to the car. I also noted that they have started charging for parking here since we left, but I am told that everything in the Parliamentary triangle is now chargeable.

It rained all day, without any let up, we packed as much of our luggage as we could so we did not have to rush in the morning, then we popped out in the afternoon to see Richard and Elaine's new camper, we had a brief tour around the camper but as it was raining so hard, we were trying not to get too wet.

We got back to Les and Sue, after a quick shower and change we were off out again as we were going to the monthly meeting of the ACT 4 wheel drive club, at theTuggeranong Tradies club, and lots of people said to us that they heard we were in town and would come to the meeting and it was really great to see everyone.

We finished our evening with a coffee and a chat with peeps then it was time to leave, tomorrow was the next phase of the trip and we had to be ready as we wanted to be back at Woodstock as early as possible.

Another great nights sleep, by now Harley has all his family back so he is less interested in sleeping on our bed so we have it to ourselves again.

Both of us were up washed and dressed early ready for the road by 7.30, we said our goodbye's to Les and Sue and thanked them for a wonderful time and allowing us to gatecrash the family, and by 7.33 we were on the Tuggeranong Parkway heading North toward the Barton Highway. and the next leg of our journey to Woodstock.



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