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My first entry. Its six weeks on Friday until I fly out for VEGAS baby! I've got a heap of things to get organised before I leave, including renting out my unit, storing my personal things, posting things to the UK and organising the fun stuff - the travel part of the journey. Until then, its all going to be boring - work, organising and getting prepared. Of course, there is my farewell party on Friday 4 May, but even thats a few weeks away!... read more

Mar 19. In to city and got another bit of exposure on 'Sunrise'. Camera actually zoomed in on flag and Koshi made a comment. The producer came out and said I'd had good exposure and please that was enough. I said ok and told her I wanted to be on the show proper. Swam off Darling Point. Rain set in in the afternoon. Mar 20. Early spruik Double Bay. Drove to Liverpool. Got copy of Feb 7 'Leader' article. Drove to Campbelltown. Got copy of Feb 8 article 'Macarthur Chronicle'. Same article. Drove to Goulburn. Searched 'Post' files. No article. Mar 21. Spruik Goulburn. Mentions of 'Sunrise' appearance. Drove to Queanbeyan. Got copy of May 14 article in 'Age'. Spruik Kingston and Manuka. Parked up late. Could see illuminated flag atop Parliament House through the trees. ... read more

Wow Canberra is strange! Its incredibley pretty- nice lakes and hills etc but also incredibley yuppie!If you live in canberrra, it seems you have to wear a suit and work for the government...and regularly go to parliament house! Needless to say, there's not much going on apart from people being posh in suits but its nice! THe weather is scorchio which makes a nice change from dull sydney! Spent yesterday morning wandering round the australian national botanic gardens (everything is 'national' here because its the capital). its not the capital in a london type way thoug- that would be sydney! Anyway yes, nice gardens, lots of lovely trees and a smelly eucalypt fave! IN the afternoon i got picked up by a girl who i met at take that! She basically was my tour guide ... read more

Yes, we're in Canberra, Australia's national capital, and a place where most traveller's dare not even venture! We thought that we should come here before we headed to Sydney, the city that most people think is the capital, and give poor old Canberra a chance to impress these two backpackers. A brief history of federal Australia - Australia is a federation of six states and two territories, and it's well known that Sydney, in New South Wales, and Melbourne, in Victoria, have become Australia's two biggest and most populous cities. Thus, when it came to deciding where the nation's capital would be all hell broke lose! To stop this catfight in it's tracks the national compromise stated that a new city should be built, at least 160 kilometres away from Sydney, half way between the two ... read more
Parliament House
View Across to Anzac Parade
Capital Hill

The nothingness of the Outback was so underwhelming that Gina and I decided to power through 900 kilometers to Canberra, the capital of Australia. This decision would narrow our distance to Sydney to a mere two hours. We had spent the previous days wine tasting at some of the finest houses in Barossa and Clare valleys. Unlike the commercialized nature of Napa and Sonoma, most wineries in Australia do not charge for tasting. The one exception was a winery that charged $5 to taste their wines, which ranged in price from $50 to $225. Needless to say, we had an opportunity to taste a wide cross section of winemaker styles and varietals. Wearily cruising into the Australian Capital Territory after an extremely long day on the road, I asked Gina to scrutinize the Lonely Planet for ... read more
Keeping Each Other Awake
Tent Embassy
Flags of Parliament

Jen: We arrived in Sydney airport and took the bus to Canberra. There we spent 3 days with my aunty, uncle and cousins. The first day we arrived was a scorcher and hibernating inside next to the air-con was the only thing to do. We took Brick on a tour of Canberra showing him the wonders of the city, including Parliament house, Black Mountain, Lake, War Memorial etc. Brick and I did a tour of parliament house, which was really interesting. Watched Tim play b'ball in a very close game. Did a walk around the lake with wee Zorro. We headed to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve on our last day and it was a shock for me to see the difference from when I was there in 2001. In 2003 huge fires took out the majority of ... read more

Up before dawn today for a full-on itinerary. We were on our way without breakfast and took 2 and a bit hours to reach Canberra. At some points Ed was doing almost 55mph (remember, van’s condition dictates a max of 50mph) on account of grumbling stomachs. Crazy. Canberra is the capital of Australia, for those of you who don’t know, but most people outside of Oz have never even heard of it. It’s a little like Washington DC in America, in the sense that it’s on land that’s independent of the states and is much less famous than Sydney (New York). It’s also perceived as boring. But we had a really, really good time here. The town’s layout was planned and has the most bizarre and un-navigable concentric circles (roundabouts within roundabouts in Gemma’s more helpful ... read more
Extreme Penalties in the UK
One of many punishments - Could not have an Eygptian themed party in those days then?
War Memorial

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra February 22nd 2007

There isnt much to say about Canberra, but I felt as a stop oin our travels it should be included! It all started with a ten hour overnight coach journey from Melbourne in which I felt really ill (although not cos I was right at the back of the coach, you will be pleased to hear I have travel bands now lol!) and we had a very random stop at a train station at 2am which had a 24hr cafe and not much else! When we arrived to Canberra, we only managed to find the supermarketon our first day! The second day we saw all Canberra had to offer: Old and New Parliament House, (which looks like an 80s bank)! But has a really cool roof garden where you can see all of Canberra which was ... read more
On The Way to Sydney

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra February 20th 2007

We were only in Canberra for 3 days but I thought it was worth an entry purely because despite it being the capital it is the quietest city I think I have seen, and definately the quietest capital! Unfortunately this city did not get off to a good start. We went there via the coach which was a ten hour trip. After a suspect curry and a hostel in St Kilda which only had one fan between four people in temperatures that were apparently 38 degrees, I think I can safely say we werent feeling too great! I also managed to find my camera broke and a whole load of our washing being destroyed in a machine, which didnt add to a great feel about the city! lol. Despite this, the hostel in Canberra was quite ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra February 19th 2007

I have spent 3 days in the Australian capital and it was good, but the city as a whole is very quiet and there isn't that much to do. I left Sydney on the 17th, and caught the train to Canberra, but arriving here on the weekend was wierd, everyone seemed to have disappeared! The next day I visited Parliament House, Old Parliament House, wacthed the Captin Cook Memorial Jet for a while, went to the National Library and the National Gallery. They were all interesting places, but you couldn't (well I couldn't) spend much time there. On Monday I went to The Royal Australian Mint, where I got to make my own $1 coin! I then visited the War Memorial which was alot bigger than I thought it would be and again was quite interesting. ... read more
Parliament House
Captin Cook Jet
War Memorial

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