9 Weeks in Canberra

Published: August 9th 2017
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Well after the buzz that was New Zealand, i had to return to reality and get back into work.
I'm based in Canberra at the moment, and have been here for 9 weeks staying with Sean's parents, all of our work is based around the area so we took advantage of the free accommodation and food.
Sean's family, being Canadian are all into Ice Hockey, so i did manage to go to an ice hockey game in the national league, it was great, something different.
The first 2 weeks were a bit of a write off seeing as it just started school holidays, so getting into schools was not an easy task.
So i decided to fly to Brisbane.
A friend of mine, Rebecca, had flown into Brisbane from Malaysia and had hired a wicked camper to drive it from Brisbane to Melbourne, so i flew to Brisbane so that i could hitch a ride back down to Canberra. I flew in late on the Tuesday night where i was picked up by Bec and we stayed at one of here friends place in Miami. The next day we hit the road, we headed inland to Nimbin where Bec was interested in seeing the "Diversity" of the place. We then head back towards the coast to Byron Bay, this was the 3rd time i had been to Byron Bay since doing this job and this was the first time that i had been to Byron bay when it wasn't raining, so that was a bonus.
we did the usual stuff, checked out the town, went to the beach and went up to the lighthouse, from the lighthouse we could see a couple of whales messing about but they were too far out to see to take a decent picture.
we then progressed to Lennox head where we made camp for the night.
The next day we drove from Lennox head to Port Maquarie, taking it in turns to drive the "well traveled" camper, it had done about 528,000Km, i couldn't believe the longevity of these vans.
We stayed in Port Maquarie that night. The next day we had a longer day in the saddle from Port Maquarie to Canberra, but we managed to navigate through the suburbs of Sydney with a stop over for lunch to get my favorite Pork BBQ Laksa from a Asian shopping center.
With a stopover in Canberra for Bec, it was time to say my goodbyes as she head back to Melbourne.
The second week of work was still pretty slow, only managing to get into a handful of schools.
Friday finally came where i had booked a flight to Brisbane, Yes another one, but this time it was to meet Megan, who i had met when i was in New Zealand and lives in Toowoomba.
We stayed in a really good spot on the beach and not too far from Cavil Av, the weather was great for the whole trip, we went to Infinity which is a light and visual attraction full of lasers, mirrors and flicking lights. On the Sunday we went to movie world which was awesome, i managed to do all the rides, I'm not the biggest fan of roller coasters but i managed to do lethal weapon and superman. Overall it was a really good weekend and i was glad to have to opportunity to do it with Megan.
I flew back into Canberra, not without problems, firstly my flight was delayed by 2 hours, luckily i had this laptop, and secondly i had chosen the wrong departure date when i was choosing my flights, instead of choosing the 26th of July i chose the 26th of August, so i had to pay an extra $190 to change my flight. Ah i wont make that mistake again.
Finally the school holidays ended and work resumed as normal, Sean went to the mountains to snowboard for the first week so i worked alone for the week, then Sean came back with a twisted knee and was therefore out again for most of the next week.
I stayed one night in Jindabyne which is a nice little town, the hostel was about 300m from the school. On the Monday i was caught by the police doing 62km in a 40km zone, but due to a police pay dispute they we not issuing tickets so i got away with a warning, which was a bonus not coping a $250 fine and 4 demerit points.
It was pretty much a routine for quite a while, i worked a lot and during the weekend, cause lets face it Canberra is not my cup of tea and cause i hate not doing anything on the weekends, i would work to keep myself occupied from boredom. I did however take a trip up to Sydney for one night to catchup and have a few last drinks with some work colleagues before they jetted off on their around the world trip.
Well Im about 1 week away from finishing all the schools around this area and now looking forward to heading up to Newcastle which is where the next bunch of schools are.
I make a quick stop in Melbourne for about 4 days and then straight back into it.

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