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Published: March 21st 2010
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Day 321 - Mansfield to Canberra

Our journey from Mansfield to Canberra didn’t turn up anything too amazing, except that is for the rather large submarine we found in land locked Holbrook! We’d already stopped for lunch in a dodgy road side rest area so the stop for the submarine was just to curb curiosity. What we did miss was the Dog on the Tuckerbox when we made a fuel stop a bit further up the road. Darn it, I’d seen the sign but it had slipped my mind when we set off again. There’s a chance we’ll be back through this way so we might get another opportunity to visit.

It was fairly late on when we made it to the Canberra Motor Village where fellow bloggers kangaroojack
are staying at the moment. It was Day 104 when we caught up with these guys at Lake Tinaroo in the Atherton Tablelands. 40’000 kms later and as we’re nearing the end of our trip, we find ourselves lucky enough to meet again.

We’re being reasonably creative with our stay here because technically the park is full but through various conversations we’ve worked out that a compromise is possible! Our choices are to camp on the same pitch as Caroline & Andy in their swag or our tent at a cost of $7 per person per night. Alternatively we can camp in our tent within the unpowered camping area at a cost of $23 per night. Decisions, decisions.

Imagine our delight when we find during the check in process that if our caravan will fit on Caroline & Andy’s pitch then its no problem for us to park it there during our stay and it’s still only $7 per person per night. From that point onwards we were pretty determined it would fit and it did! What a bonus!

It was the perfect solution although it did look as though the gypsies had arrived, so much so that Kangaroojack named their blog for the day ‘Get off my land’! We got a few funny looks as we pulled out tent pegs for their camper trailer awning so we could get the caravan next to it.

While all this was going on, Caroline & Andy were slogging away at work. They’ve both scored jobs in the city which is enabling them to top up the travelling
The perfect pitchThe perfect pitchThe perfect pitch

.... to add a caravan too!
piggy bank. It’s the perfect solution, being here on a residency visa which allows you to work but you still have the option to continue your travels whilst waiting the four years to be declared permanent residents.

It wasn’t late when they got back and it was great to see them again. They both look very smart in the office suits. They’ve already worked out what to do for dinner and take us for a curry in the Jewel of India, their treat. Thanks guys, you’re the best!

There’s plenty to talk about and I don’t remember any silences at all, there never is when we’re all together. We catch up on stories of travel, their stories of dealing with Telstra’s customer service team (enough to drive you nuts by the sounds of it) and stories about living in Canberra. After the meal Andy drives us up to Mt Ainslie for a look over the city. By this time it’s dark so the nation’s capital is beautiful in illumination and we’re really quite excited to be here.

Our thoughts turn to what to do tomorrow and as the Canberra Balloon Festival is on we all decide there would be nothing better than to get up really early and watch them take off. Deal! See you in the morning for some hot air action.

Dar and Sar

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