Cows,Roos,$2 drinks what else could you ask for???

Published: February 25th 2006
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I haven't done much since i posted last. Except for yesterday. We went to the Canberra show which is like a country fair... Everything from wood coppers, cow trainers, horse riders and ever scary carnie you could imagin! We went on the "dogem cars" (bumper cars) which was so much fun. Met 2 of Adams friends there as well. Wine tastes, ate, saw donkies. It was just a great time. I really felt like a country bumpkin though!

After that Adam and I went to a little play that a friend of his was in, really really good. It was nice to see some local art. Then we met back up with Ana and Mark and headed to a place called shooters... ok dirtiest bar ever.. reminds me of milwakees actually $2 drinks till Midnight...the floor was sooo sticky... people were sweaty lol but it was a lot of fun. Did you know their night life doesnt start till like 12 ish and it ends at like 8 am!!! lol i crashed at 12:30... im a rookie!

Some people are coming over this morning for a BBQ so that should be nice and then my friend Mel is headng down tomorrow from Syd and we are going to head over to Melbourne, so im excited about that!
Here are some pictures hope you enjoy!
And keep commenting i love to hear from you guys!! Miss you all!!

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one of the brewrys here i think

ana in the "Dodgem Car"
City at nightCity at night
City at night

View from the top of Mt.Ainslie

cutest puppy ever!


26th February 2006

Oh Katyedid! Looks like you're having a blast. Just don't let any dingoes eat your babies.
26th February 2006

Great shots
Enjoying the pics wish we were there L M
26th February 2006

country bumpkin!
oh you went to a carnie...that's like, initiation! looks like you're having a blast, so good to hear. you're missing butt loads of snow and riding up here though :P keep the posting comin'.....
27th February 2006

Great Shots
I don't need to go to Oz.....I just log on and live the fantasy through your camera lens. Keep up the adventure...loving it and you look so amazing!! Cheers xoxoxoxo
27th February 2006

woop woop
glad your having a blast, do try to keep up with the pace though, no more crashing early please....
28th February 2006

WOW, looks amazing! (The guys and the scenery of course.) :P Great to hear that you're having such an awesome time. :) Great shots! Damnit, I want to visit! :P You'll get a great book out of these, I'm sure.... Stay safe! xox
22nd March 2006

I'm there
I don't need to come and visit you, I can experience Aus. through your pic's...You look like you are having loads of fun, enjoy every min. of it...and take in all the scenery, by that I mean boys :) BUNCHES

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