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Published: February 22nd 2006
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Venice BeachVenice BeachVenice Beach

Not as nice as i would have thought bt worth seeing
Hey guys!
So im finally here.. its day 3 i think *i stopped counting!* and its absolutly amazing!
my friend Adam picked me up from the airport and the second i steped outside it was sooo warm and humid i could hardly breath...but in a good way 😊
today was my first day of total independence..yesterday Adam took the day off work and we got my banking done and phone etc he's making the transitions SOOO much easier then i thought it would be! So today i went on a 3 hr walk to Lake Burly Griffen it was beautiful. i saw the old parliment house and sat under a huge tree and just soaked it in. Being independent is amazing... i dunno why it took me this long to figure that out :P
Anyways im going to try and get some pictures up in this post lets hope it works.. i'll add some LA ones and then a few i took today here.
P.S. i have a massive tan already :P muhahha

Miss you guys and love you! Keep posting its great to hear from you!!

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Baby Palm TreeBaby Palm Tree
Baby Palm Tree

with Amanda

Token sign
Universal City WalkUniversal City Walk
Universal City Walk

Its just a sea of lights!
The HULK...The HULK...
The HULK...

and chris hehe
Oz Begins in... CanberraOz Begins in... Canberra
Oz Begins in... Canberra

Adam my amazing host!
Lake Burly GriffinLake Burly Griffin
Lake Burly Griffin

Everything is so green and beautiful
Aboriginal EmbassyAboriginal Embassy
Aboriginal Embassy

Right across from ols parliment... hmmm it was like a tent city
Cow birdsCow birds
Cow birds

they look like cows and are EVERYWHERE and are soooo loud!

22nd February 2006

Independence is sure a new feeling Ain't it great? Can you bottle it for "you know who" for Christmas
22nd February 2006

Independant Woman
I am glad to hear you are enjoying it and soaking it all in! I am soooo jeleous!! Anywho, I think even I understand who the "you know who" is in your moms comment... way to be descreet mom! :) anyways I will continue to read on as new blogs are printed! Have Fun!
23rd February 2006

Nuu duuubt abuuuut it!
Do they really talk this way?
23rd February 2006

Aussy Girl!
Kayte, I am so proud of you, it's so awesome that you are there now! I am too jealous and I hope you have a wonderful time (I'm sure you will). Miss ya, have fun, ttyl!!
25th February 2006

Lucky F-in U!
Hey girl...Im so glad you are having a good time. Send me some sun PLEEEASE..and dont forget to meet lots of hotties!

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