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North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX May 10th 2015

And suddenly, it was over. Sorry for the extended delay. The past two days consisted mostly of doing some very serious hanging out with some high-quality people in Kingman, AZ and while this makes for excellent brain-balm it also makes for fucking boring blog posts. To that end, I'll cram the last three days into this final post. The past three days had been spent at the home of Ron and Margie Stinchfield, relatives of Kennedy's and some of the best, most genuinely good people I've met in a very long time. They took us into their home for three full days, fed us and filled us with coffee and tea and stories and just a lot of good times. I'm truly grateful for everything you did, you two. It was a real pleasure spending time ... read more
Photo May 09, 19 28 48
Photo May 10, 07 28 00
Photo May 10, 10 07 12

North America » United States » Connecticut » Clinton May 10th 2015

Yesterday morning we picked up our home for the next three weeks and hit the road. It is just brilliant!! Has a sofa, banquette dining area, kitchen with fridge and freezer, shower room and a double bed in an electric slide out extension. I might have underestimated the challenge of driving a thirty foot long double wheel base vehicle on the wrong side of the road, but Spencer took to driving like a pro. We picked it up in New Jersey so had to drive back around NYC to head north and the traffic was horrendous with lane changes needed constantly and overtaking on all sides by impatient Yanks. Despite that, we made it to our first nights stop without incident. We stayed in a fairly average campsite in Clinton, Connecticut, chosen for its easy first ... read more

North America » Mexico May 10th 2015

“But if you do not find an intelligent companion, a wise and well-behaved person going the same way as yourself, then go on your way alone, like a king abandoning a conquered kingdom, or like a great elephant in the deep forest– The Buddha.” About 4am April 30th I woke up on the bottom bunk, in my blue silk sleep sack, that's when it hit me, I had arrived. The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur, leaving my job, moving home, seeing friends, it's all kind of been building up to that moment at 4am, the sense that a new beginning was happening, here I am, in a 6 bed dorm in Cancun. The journey was long but comfortable, as I people watched on the flight over I was judging these 20 ... read more
Cocktails at Mandala beach club

North America » Canada May 10th 2015

Travel minus 24 days. The countdown is on. With every passing minute another item is added to the list of things to do before I go. With each item, I feel my heart go "ka-thunk" as the idea of travelling Europe solo for two months becomes more and more real. When I started planning several months ago, this trip was hardly more than a fantasy: a blissful journey to occupy my thoughts during the long bus rides to and from school. I mused with the same fervour as when I planned what to do with my imaginary lottery winnings and the changes I would make should I ever become prime minister. Even as I booked flights, buses and hostels this trip was hardly anything more than a reverie. What was once a delightfully distant daydream is ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle May 10th 2015

This album from 2010 features Seattle's popular Pike Place market & the Space Needle & area.... read more
pp  Wonderful tie dyes ;o)
pp  Many flower stalls

North America » United States » Arizona May 10th 2015

Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like a numerous hour drive to places we've never visited, along bumpy, dusty roads with my family. I think a new tradition has been born! Jeff had plans for me to go watch a movie by myself; enjoy some ME time, eat a quiet dinner while I read a book. Or something along those lines. But after breakfast I decided I really wanted to go on a drive. We had a rental car for a few days while our gas guzzling truck was in the shop, so taking a drive at this moment was even more appealing. I found a drive not too far from us that was touted as the most scenic drive in the area, according to a couple different websites. We headed south on I-19 and then exited ... read more
Sovako Lake
ready for school

North America » United States » Colorado » Canon City May 10th 2015

What a difference a day can make. We woke to clearing skies and a dry ground, which is just bazaar considering the crazy weather we had yesterday, but glad for it. Barbara has a friend that lives in the area so we met her for breakfast before heading out for the day. We checked road conditions, weather, and got a few questions answered from her friend about the area and hit the road. We stopped by North Cheyenne Canon Park. The park is maintained by the City of Colorado Springs and is accessed by some less traveled back roads. I wasn't sure what to expect from the park, but I thought if the word 'canyon' is part of the name that it had to have something worth looking at. I also read about a waterfall that ... read more
Helen Hunt Falls
Royal Gorge Bridge
Train in the bottom of Royal Gorge

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago May 9th 2015

Forget any stereotypes you have about crime ridden Chicago, at least if you avoid the notorious South Side. It’s a modern clean city with a lovely multicultural downtown and huge international park with all kinds of fascinating interactive sculptures that lend themselves to great people photos. We took the comfy train (only $8 dollars each for a weekend pass!) from the suburb of Arlington Heights, rolling past all the lovely suburbs in full Spring bloom. The first walk along State Street took us to the historic Chicago Theatre where multiple photo sessions were in progress in front of the iconic marquee. After attending a musical, we strolled around Millennium Park. We were experiencing a little bit of the lake effect and notorious Chicago wind which makes this time of year unpredictable. Children running in the water ... read more
Wedding Couple in front of Chicago theatre
Terry and Becky Chicago Theatre marquee
Sculptures by Jaume Plensa

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Nanaimo May 9th 2015

What do Bryan Adams and I have in common? Our guitar tech. Richard is amazing. After a trip out east, I discovered that my beloved "log" had two damaged tuning machines: one bent, the other broken off. Korg Canada would not, could not, sell me replacements. But Richard looked at it and ground a spare to create a new machine. Cheers to Richard, my (and Bryan Adams') guitar tech.... read more

Today began the first leg of a new trip - a girls trip. 'The Girls' are my mother (Linda), my aunt (Barbara), my step sister (Stephanie) and me. This trip idea came about when trying to determine what to do to celebrate a couple of 'significant' birthdays and Mothers Day. So a plan was developed and this is the weekend to do it - headed to Colorado Springs. We had an early flight out of Atlanta and arrived in Denver before 8am. I have never heard so many people sleeping in one place as on that airplane today. And the guy right behind me snored loudly from the time we boarded in Atlanta, through the take off, through all the turbulence, through the entire flight and through the landing. Amazing. We picked up our rental car, ... read more
Formations in the Garden of the Gods

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