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North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 23rd 2015

The journey has begun. Midnight to 6am flight SFO to O'Hare. Grateful for frequent flier miles and Admiral's club. Had a nice visit and dinner with Madalyn's sister and brother in law. Now on to Heathrow and overnight. Feeling the sleep deficit, jet lag not necessary.... read more

North America » United States » Idaho » Kellogg August 23rd 2015

…began with breakfast at McDonald’s. At least they were open when their hours said they’d be. On the road once more, our goal today was Cataldo, Idaho and the RV campground we frequent. Cataldo isn't on the list of Idaho cities in TravelBlog so I had to go with Kellogg...11 miles away. Montana is beautiful country, even through the smoke of all the forest fires. As we drove out of Montana and into Idaho I started out the window at the passing landscape. Whenever we passed water I always imagined paddling my kayak around it no matter how big or small the body of water. We passed a small pond with six or eight little islands scattered throughout it. My imagination took off. When we downsize the house we should get a smaller house on 2 ... read more

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island » Summerside August 23rd 2015

We got up early this morning and sadly said goodbye to Prince Edward Island. In the stillness of the morning, PEI was more beautiful than ever. As we were packing up the car, we could see the trees in the distance sheathed in mist, only the tops peeking out. We drove past the rolling farmlands reflected in the stillness of the water, the cornfields and gabled houses, and vowed to come back to this magical place one day. Over the Confederation Bridge we went, back into New Brunswick and then Nova Scotia. We passed through beautiful Cape Breton which is actually an island. It is connected to mainland Nova Scotia by the rock-fill Canso Causeway. We were told by more than one Newfie that Cape Bretoners are just Newfies whose car broke down on the way ... read more
Driving onto the Argentia ferry
View from ferry coming into Newfoundland
St. John's

North America » United States August 23rd 2015

Okay. We are almost ready for the trip. Everything is laid out and ready to pack.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kingston August 23rd 2015

Well Toronto to Niagara Falls is only a couple of hours away but beware traffic in Toronto can be very slow going so it can take longer than you think. Arrived in our B&B and were plesantly surprised. It was within easy walking distance to the falls, the room was lovely and the breakfasts were delicious. On first walking upto the falls Bazi said "I don't like to say this but I'm a bit underwhelmed by the falls at the moment". I think as we walked up we first saw the America Falls and thought is this it but a little further along the road and the horseshoe falls open up before you and then yes it's an awesome sight. The sheer power and volume of the water cascading over the edge and plummeting downwards is ... read more
Sexy r us!
From the sky tower
Falls at night

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis August 23rd 2015

Lots and lots of nothing. That was today. We drove, for 10 hours, seeing nothing but fields. One segment was almost 400 miles, another more than 150. There was little exciting or special. We did stop by Sioux Falls for lunch, where we got sushi. Walking out, Serena and I went to the car, turned around, and Laura and Amit were gone. We spent 15 minutes looking for them and it turns out Laura was craving ice cream and just headed across the road, no warning. And then they were just waiting over there. There's a small chance I may have driven over to get them, and then driven off as they reached for the door. Eye for an eye? Anyway, we got in late, but did finally get to our Airbnb. For this city, Serena ... read more

North America » United States » New York August 22nd 2015

Der gestrige Tag begann sehr sportlich. Nachdem ich mich mal wieder verlaufen hatte, bin ich dennoch pünktlich am Fahrradverleih angekommen. Mit einer Gruppe aus Italienern, New Yorkern, einem Briten und ein paar Deutschen fuhren wir erst quer durch Manhattan bis runter zum Battery Park um dann über eine Schleife zur Brooklyn Bridge zu kommen. Der Fahrrad- und Fußweg führt über der Straße auf der Brücke entlang, das habe ich so bisher noch nicht gesehen, aber ganz praktisch. Wir sind einige schöne Plätze angefahren und bekamen ein paar spannende Geschichten über die Brücken erzählt. In Brooklyn selbst sind wir auch an ein paar sehenswerten Plätzen vorbeigekommen, bevor wir über die Manhattanbridge wieder zurück geradelt sind. Insgesamt waren wir drei Stunden unterwegs bei 34 Grad. Immerhin war es bewölkt. ;-) Nach dieser tollen, aber anstrengnenden Tour mit dem ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 22nd 2015

The new day started in Kamloops Canada, but unfortunately first the story has to continue from last night. Janet got an e-mail reporting that her long-time friend and former hairdresser had passed away. Deb Kopp had been in bad health and she retired so she and her husband could move to Florida and enjoy some good years together. Unfortunately that did not happen. Janet is very sad by this turn of events, but it reminds us how important it is for us to enjoy these days of traveling while we still can. We had a 7:20 departure time from the hotel, so we were up and going soon after 6:00. We needed to pack our bags but to leave them inside the hotel room. We got ourselves dressed and down in the lobby and boarded the ... read more
Big Horn Sheep
Rocky Mountaineer

North America » Canada » British Columbia August 22nd 2015

Liard to Buckinghorse River Lodge Sitting down to breakfast at the lodge we realised that we needn't have rushed up the road last night to get a photo of a Bison. There was now one in the lodge carpark - the perfect photo op. After we were on the road this was confirmed after a few kms where we passed 2 herds of 30 or so Bison grazing or relaxing by the roadside - quite a few calves amongst them. By now the theme for the day was set - rain & cold. However as we continued south you could appreciate the scenery in spite of the continual rain and the cold starting to be very noticeable. This part of the Alaskan Highway is rated as some the most scenic and in spite of the weather ... read more
Bikes at Motel
Bryan at Peace River Outlook
Oily Rag Man's Double's Bike

North America » United States » Minnesota August 22nd 2015

We continue to make headway on our boat projects and the list is actually getting shorter. We have an estimated departure date of August 25. We had 3 days of rather heavy rain but managed to carry on somewhat. The temperature have cooled considerably and the forecast looks good for the next week or so. We are going to a customer appreciation party this evening at this Marina and off to visit friends Julie and Lonnie tomorrow. I will blog on a regular basis once we are on our way.... read more

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