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Everyone is all dressed up and we are heading out for a Dinner Dance on the Potomac river! Can you believe this is our last night!? ... read more

After a late night at the baseball game everyone is feeling a little tired this morning. We have about an hour drive to the Smithsonian Air and Space Hangar. The hangar is MASSIVE. They shot part of the transformer movie here!-The plane that dropped the atomic bomb, The Enola Gay is also here!- After lunch we will head back to DC for some memorials!... read more

More walking today! Now we are stopping at souvenir city! ... read more

According to my pedometer we have walked a total of 22,778 steps. It takes about 2,000 steps to walk one mile. Do the math! We walked a TON. Tonight we saw the Lincoln Memorial, The Vietnam Memorial and the Korean War memorial. Tomorrow we are off to the zoo!! Goodnight! ... read more

The weather is BEAUTIFUL. The kids had a nice day at the zoo! Off to the mall for lunch and the museums after! ... read more

North America » United States » California » Fullerton April 22nd 2015

Hi all The adventure has started and not without a few hiccups. Left my satchel at the restaurant we ate at prior to going to the airport. This contained passports, flight details, shuttle service and hotels booked. Luckily it was recovered and the journey began. Flights courtesy of Virgin were good as we were in Business. They supply you with PJ’s which are quite comfortable and saves you from coming off the plane looking like a crinkle cut potato chip. The food and service was excellent, probably the best airline food I have had. Even though we had lay flat beds both Gaynor and I had trouble sleeping, but 1st world problems aside we landed in LA at 7am and contacted our shuttle who duly delivered us to our Hotel in Fullerton. It’s about a 45 ... read more

This morning we are heading to the Smithsonian National Zoo! Hopefully the pandas are out! Last year the baby panda was up in a tree! After the Zoo we are heading back to the National Mall for lunch followed by a couple museums. Tonight we will be at the baseball game! ... read more

These kids are hilarious.... As we are driving by a synagogue on the way to the zoo, my dad decides to tell all the kids that in 2020 Washington DC Disney is opening and this was the castle being built. They all take out their phones and start snapping away. Quote of the Day: "Guys, if none of us gets held back, we are so going there when we graduate!"... read more

North America » United States » New York April 22nd 2015

So I realized I havent given a lot of detail on the purposes and reasons behind the trip. Neither have I explained much about myself, of who I am. This entry will be dedicated towards those details of my life I've left out so far. My name is Jose Luis, the middle name included at all times, it's how I prefer it. I am 22 years old, born in the small town of Beaumont texas but raised in the capital of Austin texas. My mother illegally swam across the rio grande south of texas while I was in her womb. She had married my father at the age of 18, my father was 34 at the time. Her mother had died when she was a teen, leaving my grandfather with eight orphan kids. My grandfather met ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Nanaimo April 22nd 2015

I had never seen such a thing before, and I've been watching for strange natural phenomena since ET. And here were two in my freezer! Could it be the new-to-me freezer? Could it be the sea air? Perhaps something in the water... I just had to pull one out and tip it to confirm my suspicion: a frozen drop of water - suspended upside down. Not once, but two times in the same ice cube tray. The excitement in Nanaimo may never end! It was almost too exciting to go to the beekeeping meeting tonight. But went I did, and met some very nice beekeepers.... read more

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