Christmas in the Dominican Republic and New year in America

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November 21st 2016
Published: November 21st 2016
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In the winter of 2011, 2 years after moving to Canada, I have decided to travel! I booked an all inclusive package to the Dominican Republic. One of the reasons why I picked the Dominican Republic was because it was once occupied by the Spanish settlers. The environment and the climate of Dominican Republic was all very different from China and Canada. The first thing that I have noticed was how blue the Caribbean Sea was when I was looking out from the airplane's window.

Before my trip, I did a lot of research about how to travel in North and South America, particularly on the customs. I realized that I have to pay tips when I use the bus of the hotel, when someone help me to carry my luggage, to my housekeeping maid, to the waiters and waitresses in the restaurants...etc. Therefore, I brought a lot of small bill US dollars with me to do so. However, within the first day of my arrival, I realized something. Unlike the customer services in Canada, where the waiter or waitress generally just say thank you when you tip them, the people in Dominican Republic was extremely grateful and excited when I tip them. They offered to help me everyday while I was there. The tourist agent offered to lead me whenever I decide to get out of the resort and offered to take pictures of me extensively. I was surprised by the upbeat spirit of everyone here. They smile and laugh with a carefree heart, and that touched me so much.

The city was very different from my expectation. Only the shopping central district was comprised of high-end stores and modern buildings, all the other places looks very aged and with a hint of Spanish design. I loved wondering around on the streets here. Although I get a lot of stares from other pedestrian, but it is very safe, unlike other tourists populated cities.

By the end of my week in Dominican Republic, I have already felt like I am adapted in living there permanently, and was sad to leave. My next goal is to visit Cuba, the true socialist country in the world. On my way back to Vancouver, I spent my new year's eve in the Airport of Los Angeles. Although I was exhausted, but it almost felt like I lived a dream in a beautiful

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Mother of God Mother of God
Mother of God

there is no face in all the Mother of God. That means no face, no race.

Local FamilyLocal Family
Local Family

Very very sweet people. Even though, they don't speak English, they help me take bus back to my resort.
Universal Studios Universal Studios
Universal Studios

So much fun!!

Save the world...
USS MidwayUSS Midway
USS Midway

Aircraft is huge. It took me half day to see everything quick.

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