Salem, OR to Homer, AK

North America
July 7th 2006
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Hi Everyone,
These are the photos I took on my ride from Bandon, OR to Homer, Alaska in July 2006. I rode solo on my new Kawasaki Ninja 650R, camping along the way or grabbing a motel if the weather turned nasty. During the 4 week journey I covered over 7000 miles and had a great time, met new friends and got to see a part of the world I hadn't been to before. I hope you enjoy the pics!

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Pic #1Pic #1
Pic #1

July 7 - Nice clean bike, eh? Unsuspecting old dude rider ready to go. Look at all that stuff!
Pic #2Pic #2
Pic #2

July 7 Heading north along the Oregon coast - US101
Pic #3Pic #3
Pic #3

July 7 - More Oregon coast - what a ride
Pic #4Pic #4
Pic #4

July 7 - First camp at "Kampers West, Warrenton, OR $18
Pic #5Pic #5
Pic #5

No extra charge for the mosquito factory
Pic #6Pic #6
Pic #6

July 8 - Lovely fairgrounds @ Port Townsend, WA This was a great deal $12
Pic # 7Pic # 7
Pic # 7

July 9 - Good bye Port Angeles
Pic #8Pic #8
Pic #8

July 9 - Parksville, BC - Vancouver Island north of Nanaimo - Riverbend Campground - I met a great couple from Calgary on the ferry who invited me to share their site.
Pic #9Pic #9
Pic #9

Occasionally it became difficult to locate my bike under all the cargo..
Pic #10Pic #10
Pic #10

July 10 - Ferry from Departure Bay to Lion's Bay BC - quiet crossing, cost around $20
Pic #11Pic #11
Pic #11

Harley guy made so much racquet when he started his bike I was grateful for my earplugs
Pic #12Pic #12
Pic #12

July 10 - Rode Highway 99 through the twisties past Whistler, stopped at The Gold Panner Hotel in Lillooet, BC. After that ride I was ready for a lie-down so $$$ for a hotel was no concern.
Pic #13Pic #13
Pic #13

July 11 - GPS dead, took the wrong road out of Lillooet, went West instead of North.. Rustic....
Pic #14Pic #14
Pic #14

Eventually got to visit Terzaghi Dam, around 50 miles down a dead-end freaking gravel road...
Pic #15Pic #15
Pic #15

The fun part was getting to do it all over again going back to Lillooet. Gravel Road Riding 101...
Pic #16Pic #16
Pic #16

At least I got to see a few critters, this guy's antlers were still in the velvet.
Pic #17Pic #17
Pic #17

July 11 - 12 After finding my way back to Lillooet I rode on to Cache Creek turning north onto 97. At Clinton I stopped to fix the GPS. just a fuse, probably rated a bit undersized so it was an easy fix. I continued on to Williams Lake for the night - Sandman's Hotel - dinner at Denny's..yum. Then rode to Prince George where the local Kawasaki dealer performed the first oil change & routine check on the bike. All was fine & I turned onto 16 heading west. Early that evening I stopped at Vanderhoof where I stayed at the North Country Inn. It had been raining like heck all afternoon so camping had lost it's appeal. Great dinner & beers at the Inn's Bavarian restaurant. Comfort food. July 13 - Riding along the Yellowhead Highway, aka 16. Sure glad they had lots of rest stops..
Pic #18Pic #18
Pic #18

July 13 - Rode past Burns Lake, stopped at Smithers to buy chain oil, then on to Kitwanga and turned north on to highway 37.
Pic #19Pic #19
Pic #19

Beautiful scenery along the way, road sometimes challenging
Pic #20Pic #20
Pic #20

July 13 - Turned the wrong way and rode to Stewart by mistake....why bother to watch the GPS? Highway 37A is the way.
Pic #21Pic #21
Pic #21

The ride to Stewart was an interesting diversion, rain, bears, glaciers, rain, King Edward hotel, rain...

5th August 2006

Too much fun !!
Larry,Larry, You looked like you were having a great time and it is neat that both you bike and your body held up. I even recognize some of those places as they haven't changed in 20 years. But of course it is all paved now. That sand road is really slimey ain't it? At least is was in a car . . . . . . .Where to next?
5th August 2006

Some do, some don't
You're one of the ones that "do". Looks like you had a great trip! Meredith and Mike just got back from Hope, Ak. Drove up the Alcan.
7th August 2006

Nice pictures exciting trip. Having a 650R myself shows I picked the right bike for longevity. Hope to make similar trips myself (maybe not as long as I am young and still have to work).
7th August 2006

Great Trip
Good Day!!!
7th August 2006

Great Trip
Good Day!!! Larry good to hear from you, after looking at your pics I wish I was there with you on your trip. Fantastic pics and of course great comments, I will email you soon.
29th August 2006

Love your sense of humor!
We're planning that very trip next year. Thanks for the preview! Now I know why Paul has two GPS's and me one more. Thanks for the tip about growling at the bears ; ) Voni sMiling

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