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April 20th 2012
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On Wednesday, we drove from Casa Grande, Arizona, to Las Cruces, New Mexico. We were planning on driving straight to Silver City, NM, to see the Gila Cliff Dwellings (check it out online, very neat!). But then we saw a sign for Tombstone, AZ., and we knew we had to go. This meant a half hour drive there and back, plus the time spent in the town itself, but it was worth it. Tombstone is the location of the famous gun fight at the O.K. Corral, where Wyatt Earp was sheriff. Of course, it has been commercialized a little, but the original architecture and landmarks are still there, including the spot where we had lunch: Big Nose Kate’s Saloon. We went up to see Boot Hill, but the area was fenced in and we figured you had to pay to get in, so we continued on our way.

On our drive in, we noticed some pecan stands, so we stopped on the way back, and picked up some nuts for snacks. Again, it was as we were finally leaving Tombstone that we realized we had a decision to make. If we wanted to see the Gila Cliff Dwellings, we would
Tombstone 4Tombstone 4Tombstone 4

Dried peppers
have to stay there for the night, as the park was already closed. And that would mean a longer drive on Thursday. So we let it go, wanting to get into Austin, Texas relatively early on Friday for our big concert.

Have we told you yet that we are seeing We Walk The Line, a celebration of the music of Johnny Cash in Austin? The lineup is quite impressive. The country music fans out there will understand. The guests include Willy Nelson, Chris Kristofferson, Shooter Jennings, John Hiatt, Buddy Miller, and other special guests, and the event will be hosted by Matthew McConaughy (sp?).

We eventually made it to Las Cruces and opted for a grocery store supper. Were we ever surprised when we walked into Pro’s Ranch Market! This was an authentic Mexican grocery store. I have never seen so many varieties of hot peppers in my life, both fresh and dried. There was also bulk sour cream for sale, and I counted at least four or five different types. I had no idea there were different sour creams!

As per usual, it was a relatively late night, but we went to bed satisfied with our
Pecan standPecan standPecan stand

Fresh peppers
discoveries of the day.

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Big Nose Kate's 5Big Nose Kate's 5
Big Nose Kate's 5

They have a US flag from the 1800's.
Big Nose Kate's 6Big Nose Kate's 6
Big Nose Kate's 6

These gentlemen entertained us during our meal. They were excellent singers!

20th April 2012

Tombstone is great
We went to Tombstone on our trip out west 4 yrs ago, and made a day trip to Tombstone, it was great. I don't think you have to pay to get into Boot Hill, if so it wasn't very much, the whole idea of fencing it in is to get you to have to go through the gift shop and get you to spend money. It's too bad you missed it, it's a great walk through. Sounds like you are having a great trip, we are going the opposite direction in June/July, we are leaving MA and headed for CA, we will be staying one night in Las Cruces, NM, I'll have to try to find that grocery store. Enjoy your concert!

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