Spicy Chile

North America
March 4th 2012
Published: March 4th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

After leaving wonderful Brasil having a dramatic exit ofcourse, because of our beloved airlines LAN we made it to Chile.

Our luck in travelling sometimes sucks... especially if we are flying with LAN and changing country or if Sao Paulo is involved. First we had a delay of 10 mins on our flight from Foz de Iquassu to Sao Paulo. By the time we landed, got our bags etc it was 8:15 and our next plane was departing at 9:20... So far so good still time to make it.. yeah!!! We proceeded to check in, for our good luck, there was no line. But no... The attendant said she couldn t find us on the system, although we showed her our reservation... We had to go to the LAN office and find out what was happening, bear in mind that it was now 8:25... We found out after a couple of mins that the system had cancelled our reservation just because.. for no reason... Long story short, we made the plane to Santiago. It was abeautiful plane with your own touch screen and remote control and with blanket and pillow. As soon as we arrived in Chile we had another unpleasant surprise.. they took our brazil nuts at customs 😞 our specially picked for us brazil nuts from the jungle that we were waiting to dry so we could eat them.

Anw we went to our amazing hostel very guest-friendly and vibrant with great atmosphere and pink entrance. We were ofcourse K.O so we went to bed early. Anyway the next day we decided to do this Spicy Chile free walking tour that would introduce us to the popular Santiago. We passed from La Moneda which is the presidential headcourters and is sourrounded by all the ministries and administrative buildings, then we made our way to the park forestal and the modern and fine art galleries. After that we visited Bella Vista and La Estaria areas that are beautiful with great cafes and restaurants to die for. Our guide, a 25yr old girl Carla gave us many tips and told us about coffee on legs which is served in Chile. There are two versions of coffee on legs. First there is the good coffee that is served by girls wearing very short shorts and then there is the crappyt coffee served by girls in very small bikinis. Coffee there usually costs 4000 chilean pessos but if u give 6000 the girl will dance for you. Carla ofcourse told us many other interesting stuff about history and imporatand people but i forgot about it. The other thing i remember though is that Paolo Nerouda, a nobel winner in poetry was a ladies man and had like 10 000 mistresses. His last one was a red head with crazy hair so his house in santiago is named after her and is called Bedhead. La Casgona

If i remember anything else i will let you know. For the moment greetings from Valparaiso


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