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November 21st 2011
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Basics of Occupy Wall Street

Who: There is not certain group of people that are in the protest. There are different groups of people. There are no specific leaders who lead the entire protest.
What: The protest advocates a message toward the United States captial and OBama.
Where: The protest is largely placed within the United States.
When: The protest is happening now.
Why: The reason why the protest is happening is not clear. There is no clear position being made by the protestors.

I don't agree with the movement at all because there is no clear point about what the government is doing wrong. There is no clear reason why protestors are making a big deal about the economic part of socitey. What makes the government the bad guy in this situation? What do the protestors believe?

I'm not sure about the effects of the protest; the only effect I'm sure of is confusion. If a protest has no clear point, then the protest might be for nothing. I also won't be able to tell what effects may be a result of the protest if there is no clear argument. I'm not sure if the pros will outweigh the cons.

Article used: Protest Puts Coverage in Spotlight


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