Really Packing

North America
August 29th 2011
Published: August 30th 2011
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If i though i was packing yesterday I was wrong. Today, with the help of my mom I managed to pick everything that is going with me to Argentina. I even picked out the outfit I'm going to wear on the plane. I'm really glad I got it out of the way though because aside from a few errands and a dentist appointment tomorrow, I can pretty much just chill.

Aside from packing I did a lot today:
1. lunch with grandma
2. derm appointment
3. went to pharmacy
4. went to starbucks
5. went to stein mart and got a passport case
6. made copies of everything
7. laid by the pool
8. read magazines
9. watched himym

I really hope that I packed everything that I need. I have a general expectation of how i think people dress but i honestly feel like i'll have no idea until i get there. I'm really worried that i predicted the weather wrong and it's going to get really hot and all i'll have is jeans and sweaters. crossing my fingers for mildly cold weather.
I've managed to fit everything into 1 suitcase, 1 duffel, 1 backpack and a purse. I've never packed for something like this before, so to me it looks like i majorly overpacked. i just have to keep reminding myself that i'm packing to go live somewhere and that i don't want to wear the same 3 tshirts for the whole semester. i'm not a very good packer and as a result i have a huge pile of clothes on top of my suitcase, nothing in my duffel bag and all of my toiletries on the dining room table. luckily, my mom has agreed to go through and organize everything between the 2 bags tomorrow night. she's been super helpful with packing, but she has to approve everything that goes in 😉 Anything she thinks is frumpy, worn, faded, or "too california beachy," stays here. i have a feeling i'll be wearing a lot of black and grey as a result.

i can't believe tomorrow is my last day here. i still have a few errands to run but i'm basically ready to go. it still feels so surreal and i wonder when it will actually set in.


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