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North America
May 12th 2011
Published: May 12th 2011
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The last week in Thailand was spent working in our green, cocooned Marnie, straightened up before leaving her on the hardstand for four months. The shade cover offers 80 percent UV protection which will hopefully maintain the brightwork until our return (6 layers of Epifanes). Daily thunderstorms added to the humidity and temperatures in the upper 90's making physical exertion draining.

After a long flight to the US via China (30 hours) the jet lag is phasing out although we continue our 3am waking routine. Refreshing weather has been perfect for gardening at Lovetts Pond and the Canada geese delight us with broods of goslings on the pond. I offered my dog walking services to a neighbour in order to get a dog fix and have an adorable 5 month old golden retriever called Polar Express to eXercise at will. We have a circuit through the neighbourhood and reinforce the training program ... he will surely be top of the class.


16th May 2011

Hi from Sobraon
G'day Guys, Great to hear that life is good and you are enjoying some land time. The problems in Japan have meant that we will be spending another year in S.E. Asia so we are relaxing at Marina Island Pangkor getting lots of boat jobs done as well as traveling around Asia. We probably won't leave here for another couple of months so we should be up your way when you return. We look forward to catching up over a good bottle of wine Garry and Wendy
12th June 2011

How do we get in touch with you?
Hi Wendy and Gary ... We are in the US without our boat cards and therefore don't have your contact details but good to hear your news. Please email sailmarnie@gmail.com so that we can catch up. Tigs and Walter

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