North America
December 13th 2010
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Busy day! Got up early and ate a wonderful breakfast of eggs benedict at the Hyatt. Then off to Target to get Chris a couple pairs of shorts. Then checked out and headed back to Miami. Found the Port of Miami with no problems but it took us about 6 times around the block (turning the wrong way down a one way street) to find the Hertz car rental return.
Once we found Hertz we drove back over to a shopping area and looked around just to waste time. Loads of over proceed junk designed for tourists. We decided we needed to get another suitcase for souvenirs since all 3 of ours were stuffed to the max. So we found a place and got what we thought was a pretty good deal on one. Then we went to return to the car and found several luggage stores for the exact same suite case for $50-$75 less. I feel stupid…. Oh well… Live and learn. The ride back from Hertz was a joke. They had 1 passenger van to transport about 40 people. So we got a taxi for $12.00
Stood in line to go thru security for about 45 minutes. Then stood in another line to go thru a kiosk. Then stood in another line to get your "key". Then stood in another line to get on the boat. Finally! Made it on the boat! Woohoo! Loads of people. Live reggie band. And at last… My fruity drink with an umbrella! Yumm-o. Still had about an hour until our rooms would be ready so we ate at one of the buffets. It was good but not life changing. After lunch we made it to our rooms and I was surprised to find that my "balcony stateroom" looked an awful like an old outdated motel 6. I was thinking it should be more along the lines of Marriott, or Hyatt, or at the very least Holiday Inn Express… But nope. Motel 6. Clean with a bed that isn't quite what Carnival described…
Then the call to muster (aka safety briefing). Lesson 1 for 1st time cruisers… Never go to the call for muster on the 1st call. wait until FINAL call. Otherwise you will stuck standing in a line shoulder to shoulder with 20 other 1st time cruisers! AND they take your drink. So finish your drink before you go to muster…. They gave it back but by that time it was pretty watery.
Went to dinner in the Golden Room for the sit down and dine with strangers night. We sat next a nice man and his son from Wisconsin. Chris had fish, I had steak and for dessert melting chocolate cake and creme burlee...By the time we finished dinner it was almost 10:00 and once again we were tired and decided to call it a night early because we have a "fun day at sea" to explore the ship the next day.


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