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September 23rd 2009
Published: September 23rd 2009
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Well on arriving in Toronto it was a beautiful day and our hostel was really nice (more like a small motel more than a hostel) the guy gave us an ensuite room even though we didn't pay for it, not sure if he was trying to get a tip but he didn't get one anyway. So we were really pleased and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon settling in and finally catching up on emails, washing and travel planning etc.

So when we woke the next day to explore the city we were quite excited even thogh the weather had suddenly gone tits up. However after walking and walking (again) and doing more research we have come to the conclusion that Toronto is the most boring city. Maybe we are missing something (answers on a post card) but we have tried many of the regions and decided that the only thing to do here is to ascend the CN tower (which we are doing tmr before we leave as the weather is meant to have improved by then but the latest forecast dosent look that good).

Walking round the town we did think that there were a lot of interesting buildings and sculptures and the place was nice and clean (as recomended by Mick Dundees weird older bro in Niagara). Nath particularly liked one of the main streets which seemed to specialise in "adult entertainment" , fancy dress outlets, and a dozen cheap tat shops!!! Now we know what the locals do when they are bored (which must be most nights!!).

So today (tuesday) we have had a very lazy day and gone to the cinema in an attempt to not spend money on museums etc that we don't really wanna see but would just be filling time. Saw District 9 by the way which was good. The highlight of the day was getting free giant popcorn and drink each included in our ticket - brilliant had we not just bought sweets and drink outside the place like we would at home thinking we would save money - ho hum.

So tmr we leave for Buffalo on a coach and then catch the late train from there to Chicago, getting in the next day at 9am. So another crap nights sleep is ahead but hopefully it will be worth it, surely Chicago must have things to do???

Anyway when your eating you dinner tomorrow night think of us as we will be up the "worlds tallest completed freestanding structure on land" according to wikipedia 😊

bye all, love us xxx


23rd September 2009

dull cities
I think it's very much an "each to their own" thing. We found Santiago de Chile to be not really our thing, but then other friends of ours adored the place, conversely, we really liked Arequipa in Peru, I could happily live there, but again, other friends not keen on the place at all. Enjoy yourselfs in Chicago. G.
23rd September 2009

You've been busy!
Hey guys, Sounds like youv been motoring around at quite a velocity, how we missed the museum of sex I don't know! We're gonna be following you soon through Niagara and Toronto, what was the name of the hostel you stayed in at the falls? We booked one last night so my fingers are crossed its not the same one (though perhaps we are more likely to just accept it like Nath)! Also semi-glad to hear that Toronto isn't too hectic, we don't have much time there now. Keep the blogs comming this is useful info!! Hope you get your sleeping patterns sorted, all the best, Steve (the better half of the budget pairing from DC).
24th September 2009

Niagara etc
hey guys, the hostel we booked in Niagara was the HI one. Looking back on it it was fine, I just think we got spoilt by the breakfast etc in DC. Another good one I looked at was the rainbow hostel nearer the falls. Def check out the bar round the corner with all the handle bar face furniture. Glad our blog is imformative, yours sounds like much more of an adventure than ours so far. Hope your both getting some "action" of sorts. Love the olds
24th September 2009

CN Tower Issues
The problem with the CN Tower is that there is nothing to see from the top - can't beat the Liverpool rotating tower which no longer rotates (someone nicked the cogs). But probably does beat the view out of PCC 2nd floor..

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