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June 25th 2009
Published: June 25th 2009
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Well after another long section with no internet available we have an opportunity to give you an update and upload some photos. Since Lake Isabella we have traveled over 500 miles bringing our grand total to about 1,2oo miles almost half way and out of California. The section we just finish was the hardest hiking of the trail. We encountered very high passes with more snow then we could ever imagine. We also had back luck with the weather, rain, sleet, or snow would blow in every afternoon and sometimes stick around all evening. There also was an issue of navigation due to the snow fields. There would be time when we would go hours without seeing the trail. This gave us many opportunities to get off trail and lost but we made it through and learned a lot.
Next we entered Yosemite National Park where Cliff and Holman were living right off the trail. We ended up doing a 35 mile day and got in right at dark and were greeted by a cabin full of park rangers that were waiting with dinner. Needless to say we ended up staying for a couple days and had a great time in the park. Holman even got himself a job as a cashier so he is going to stick around for the summer.
After Yosemite we hiked a couple hundred more miles to the Lake Tahoe area. The hiking has been getting easier and easier so I think the worst is behind us. Mosa’s Uncle and Grandfather drove up to Lake Tahoe and brought us down to the bay area. Mosa went and hung out with his family in San Ramon and I went to Berkeley to stay with Adam and Anna. We have had a great visit but we are now ready to get hiking again. Anna is going to take us back up to the trail this afternoon so that’s nice and we will update that blog as soon as possible.

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1st July 2009

Beautiful...absolutely beautiful.

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