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December 18th 2008
Published: December 18th 2008
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Andy and I successfully completed the Appalachian Trail last weekend which brought our travels to an end for the year. We have now been home for a few days but laziness has prevented me from updating the blog in a timely fashion. When we last checked in we had just four days remaining on the trail. Those final days were difficult but with the southern terminus in sight, we pushed through the many miles of nasty weather. When we finished Mother and Abby were waiting in the state park after coming all the way from Iowa to pick us up, they are so kind.
Now that we are home there is no more rushing around, no more miles to cover. As much as Andy and I enjoy racking up the miles, we are happy to slow down and take a breather. Of course all the self-inflicted misery we endure on the trail is relative but it is still nice to take a break in the comfort of home. It has been nearly 5 months since we shoved off from Old Forge, NY and this break provides an opportunity to catch-up with friends and family. We had a great time out east but it is time to be home. Happy holidays to all!


18th December 2008

Great job fellas! We are all very proud of you guys.

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