The Brushstrokes of a Traveler

North America
May 14th 2008
Published: May 14th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Two years ago I spread my wings and left my worries behind. I began to paint brushstrokes of culture and experience onto the canvas of my life, because I believe our lives should be an adventure and not a routine. I decided then that I wasn’t going to waste another minute nor take it for granted, because you never know when it’s your last. Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to see th... Read Full Entry

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15th May 2008

WOW! I say again, WOW!
20th May 2008

Welcome Home!
Jeremy- Welcome back home! I'm sure you will have some travel withdrawls, so just lock yourself in your room until you're ready to get out! Haha... I would love to sit down and pick your brain about your travels. I'm ready to walk away and experience life, myself. Are you sure you're not up for another jaunt around the world? :-) Tam should be home in about three weeks or so to surprise mom for her birthday (shhhhhh...don't tell Momma Lou!). I'm sure you two will find some time to meet up. Thanks for all the awesome pictures from your travels!
21st July 2010

I'm only 15 but I feel like Im losing my life already just staying in my comfort zone. I work hard at school and I look at your photography and it's inspired me to take everything as it comes and when I get old enough, I would like to travel the world and see what I never have. I don't want to be a tourest either. Like in Spain, we stayed on a tourist site and didn't interact with the Spanish or go to Spanish shops or restaurants. We only live once and I want to go everywhere as soon as possible before settling down or I know I will regret it.

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