Living in Hollywood -10th -14th September

North America
September 14th 2007
Published: September 15th 2007
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Living in Hollywood speaks for itself! we arrived on Sunny afternoon and got a shuttle bus that toured us around the place, we saw rodeo drive, Beverly hills, west Hollywood, melrose and so on! It was great bar the fact it took us three hours(longer then our flight) to get to our hostel(banana bungalows) which should only take 20 minutes!
our fist night we went to he Chinese theatre to watch a movie, it is on Hollywood blvd, and who do we see making a movie but Will Smith and charlize theron! it was crazy, we both really felt we were getting the proper Hollywood treatment! they were making the movie Hancock, not too sure what it is about, however it looks like an action movie, as the roads were all torn up!
we saw lots of the Hollywood stars,my favorite Marylin Monroe, however, we could not find the Hoff's one, which was unfortunate! we saw the stars foot and hand prints outside the theatre too. it was class! got a photo of our feet in Johny Depps!!
we went to Santa Monica beach and Venice beach(successfully got burnt as the breeze is so cool, you do not think its that hot!DOH!!) the beach Pier was really cute, been there since the early 1900's. its he same Pier that Britney Spears,Christina Aguilera and so on did their music videos!
we headed to universal studio's the next day and spent the day as children, going on all the fun rides. shrek was class, the mummy ride was scary but fun(we did it twice, living life on the edge!!) and Jurassic park was really good, but very wet. towards the end of the day we had done every ting so we went to the only bar in the place, a Irish bar no doubt and had a few margaritas! its becoming our favourite drink!

the next day we went to the late show with Craig Ferguson, which was long,however an experience. we saw Terence Howard from "Crash", very stylish and funny guy, not at all what he is like in the movies! it was a fun expedition to be honest hanging out in the studio's ad see how they do things! we were all prepped to laugh as audience, and dear lord the fake laughter was incredible! you know when you watch a show and you think its mechanical laughter, well its not, its just a lot of Americana's been forced to laugh like that!poor things!
we didn't really head out that much as we were so tired from San Fransisco, but we did venture out on our last night to a bar called the "beauty bar", it was class. you got a drink and a manicure for ten dollars! loved it! the only thing was the drink was gross, vanilla vodka does not go down well. also when you walk into the bar it stinks of nail varnish, and its not the kind of bar smell you want while having a drink. though, what surprised us both was the amount of men in there! there were more guys then girls! it was so funny, the American guys really know how to find the women!
on our way home there were lots of photographers running around the place, we asked them show they were waiting for, they answered, Kevin Ferdenline!! are you crazy? there were so many of them! we looked out for him, but decided to head off, as he ain't that exciting!
so that was L.A! we are now on our way to Peru! can not wait! will be with you soon to tell you all about my next adventure in South America!


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