Day 2 - Los Angeles

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October 10th 2019
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Mom: Day 1 was spent flying, handling the "great car rental debacle of '19", then the harrowing ride to our Airbnb. We were both exhausted and konked out early, although we did enjoy some quiet time on the deck taking in the beautiful view! We were torn between 2 places for our L.A. stay--a modern apartment in a high rise in downtown L.A. and the "Handlebar Treehouse." We chose the latter and clearly made the right choice. Sam and Jason have been fabulous hosts (gave Justin his first Twinkie!) and even shared their dog Mac with us! I had a good bit of work to do today, but barely feels like work with this view and a dog by my side.

We ventured out to "see all the stars as we walk down Hollywood Blvd." I took some pics of those I really like -- I lean toward the musicians and old time movie stars. Also saw people dressed up, which I didn't expect. Spiderman, Mickey and Minnie, and Edward Scissorhands.

Early relaxing night tonight and an early start tomorrow morning for our longest leg and the "roadtrip" part of this trip--8 hours to Flagstaff, AZ. I'm trying to find a balance between structured and unstructured. We have a hotel room booked. But I plan to put the address in Waze and just see what we see along the way. We're both excited to see new things and enjoy our adventure!

Justin: Today was fun. I'm enjoying people watching in L.A.--lots of interesting people and things you don't see in Knoxville. We saw some famous people's stars on Hollywood Blvd. I remember Rush (my dad's favorite band), Snoop Dog and Ice T. And a lot of other people my mom knew but I didn't. I also saw some awesome cars. Ferrari. Rolls. Someday... The food is really good, and the scenery. The traffic not so much. I think my favorite part so far is the house we're staying at. It's modern but right next to nature at the same time. The view is my favorite part about it. It's amazing!

I love traveling and hope to do it the rest of my life. Mom says get a job that lets you travel. Excited to see the desert for the first time tomorrow!

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Although Freddie deserves his own star
I Love Lucy! I Love Lucy!
I Love Lucy!

Desi's start was also near hers.
Judy GarlandJudy Garland
Judy Garland

Kate, this one was for you!
Norma Jean -- my favorite!Norma Jean -- my favorite!
Norma Jean -- my favorite!

This was the one I was hoping to see.

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