Decorations That POP in Your Bar or Restaurant

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March 24th 2019
Published: March 24th 2019
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Bars and restaurants are sanctuaries for people to dine, wine, kick back, and just have a good time. Consequently, we, at Printmoz have always believed that your décor should provide an atmosphere that blends perfectly well with the needs of your customers. While the wall color, table setting, and lighting seem to tie food, drinks and the experience together, brilliant signage with stunning details can raise your style. Regardless of where you choose to place it - indoors or outdoors - the right sign can promote your fine selling points and accent your quality of service.

If you’re looking for custom metal sign decorations that will pop in your bar or restaurant, make aluminum printing your choice. What makes it superior to other printing methods is simple; the final product has a spectacular luminescence. Coming in a variety of surfaces – bright, satin, high gloss, mid gloss, sheer glossy and sheer matte – aluminum signs will help you create a truly fascinating look. Need some restaurant or bar signage ideas to sway potential patrons your way? Check these out!

Get Your Identity With A Custom Metal Sign

Restaurants and bars provide an opportunity to display a wide variety of signage. The facade sign should, of course, be the first decoration that your guests see before they even taste your food or beverages. So, it’s imperative that you entice them into your location using a signage material that will never fade, hold up pretty well to the elements, and thus last longer. That’s where aluminum comes in and with a bang! Built for durability and longevity, it presents an excellent way to get noticed, develop brand identification, promote services and show your business personality for years. That’s precisely what you want. Isn’t it?

Directional and Wayfinding Signs

Although outdoor signage is the most significant sign and bears the business name, it should not be the only one. Obviously, a sign with the joint’s opening hours is a must. Also, you want to direct patrons, vendors and new employees and spare them a great deal of time in finding the correct rooms. Right? A custom metal sign is an excellent choice for directional and wayfinding signage. It is thin, lightweight and lies flat on the wall surface. Better still, it does not require any extra costs for enhancements. Some of the most common regulatory signs for bars and restaurants include hand washing signage, restroom signs, and room identification signage, among others.

Add Style With Wall Prints

Want to create a high-end, sophisticated look for your establishment with wall prints? Whether you want a romantic spot suitable for dates or a fun, casual vibe for games days, integrating artwork will help establish the tone and ambiance of your premises. No matter what you offer - filet mignon, hamburgers or cocktail - aluminum signs can really dress your venue. With clean lines, sharp edges and the proper coating, these eye-catching prints will add a touch of art to your business and remain stunning for years to come. Metal beer signs, for instance, will not only serve as a perfect addition to your bar décor but help patrons associate with their favorite craft breweries. For restaurants, making a focal-wall full of vintage style metal prints can do magic.

Aluminum Sign Printing Near Me

Whether you’re looking for exterior signage, directional signs, restroom signs, or any custom metal sign, aluminum will serve you right. Whatever your needs are, there’s no doubt that we, at Printmoz, can help you create the signage that your establishment needs; from temporary displays, menus, branding and décor and much more. If you have any questions about aluminum signs, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be glad to help!


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