How to find a stroller that is suitable to travel with?

North America
March 17th 2019
Published: March 17th 2019
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If, just like us, you’re the kind of parents who are always on the move, you will surely appreciate a good stroller that will always let you bring your kid along. Such stroller should both work on a plane when going on vacation as well as easily fit in any car trunk. Is there a perfect stroller – one that is convenient for active parents and for the child?

Parents who travel a lot don’t always want to or have an option to leave the child with grandma or a babysitter. Family vacation, weekend at the allotment garden or simply visiting relatives – those are the kind of situations where a compact stroller will come in handy. On top of that, that kind of stroller proves itself useful to us when we have to go shopping with the child or need to carry the stroller upstairs. Did we succeed looking for our dream stroller?

Like most young parents, we have learned a lot from our own mistakes. When looking for a perfect stroller for our baby, we obviously read reviews from other parents, but it seemed to us that our child was clearly completely different and we don’t have
to agree with their opinions. In retrospect (and after buying the second stroller already), I know that it wasn’t a perfect decision.

When it comes to a perfect compact stroller, there are no exceptions – some conditions simply have to be met for a stroller to be convenient. Especially when you’re a young mother and don’t feel like carrying around more than your few-kilogram baby. Every stroller seems lightweight until you put your kid in it plus the necessities (which there will be more of as your child grows - diapers, bottles, juices etc).

Speaking from experience, I advise against buying a stroller in haste, suggesting to go around stores instead and "try on" different strollers. That way you can find a perfect model that you will later get online for much less than what they charge at a brick and mortar store.

If you are a young mom then it’s certainly enough for you to carry around an increasingly heavier baby in your arms. There’s no need to also carry around a stroller that weights more than a dozen kilograms. I had a C-section, so for a long time I was forbidden from carrying anything beside the child. What stroller proved itself worthy during that time?

A perfect stroller for parents who travel should:

1. weight no more than 7-8 kg,

2. be tiny when folded up, so that it can easily fit in the trunk,

3. be easy to push – especially over our "Polish roads",

4. have a reclining seat so that the child can have a nap (especially important with the little ones),

5. be compatible with accessories that we use everyday (i.e. umbrella, roof, basket).

According to the regulations, products intended for babies need to have a guarantee of safety, the so-called attestation. It applies to strollers as well. The info on attestations is often available on special tags and stickers attached to the product. When in doubt, it’s a good idea to consult the stroller’s manufacturer or distributor.

When buying a stroller or a complete travel system, check out what’s included with its standard equipment. An important thing is extra accessories like mosquito net, rain cover, or mom’s bag. If it doesn’t have them, find out if you can buy the necessary accessories for the particular model separately. Don’t forget about a sleeping bag for chillier days and an umbrella that comes with UV filters for sunny summer days. And last but not least. Buying a stroller is a lot like buying a car. Before you make the final decision, it is essential to take it for a test ride.


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