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October 2nd 2018
Published: October 7th 2018
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We woke-up today to a completely quiet balcony and no noises next door but the sea was roaring! Our ship was rocking and rolling and some people seemed concerned but it was not the worst seas we’ve been in so we were fine. We watched the waves from our balcony and listened to the spray of sea water. I loved it.

Today was a “sea day” on the boat – meaning the boat is traveling to tomorrow's destination and not stopping anywhere. It usually means naps, sleeping-in, and boat entertainment.

After breakfast we walked the ship and found all the areas we hadn’t seen before. Kamie went up to deck 10 to smoke and I played Rock Music Trivia. I didn’t win but I didn’t lose. If Kamie would have been with me, we would have won.

We decided to play Bingo today because apparently, gambling is my thing now. Who am I?! We had fun. The table in front of ours – a family group of 9 – went wild with cheers because one of their family members won $250.

We took a nice, long nap looking out at the ocean from our bed. We have one of those rooms where your bed actually faces the ocean not the wall. Our room is the very last room in the hallway… except for that corner suite just past us with those oddly missing guys today.

After our nap we went to the evening musical show. I was laughing so hard when we finally left. The dancers were naked or gay. Let me rephrase that….. the female dancers were wearing thongs with NO tights or pantyhose to keep anything in check and it was hilarious…. And the male dancers were very excited about dancing around. It was a terrible show.

We left just in time to snag two front-row seats to the “Dive-In Movies” – which are movies shown on a large outdoor screen by the pool. They serve popcorn and drinks. Tonight we saw the newest Jurassic Park movie (Jurassic World?). We can’t seem to get away from dinosaurs on this trip. The movie was good and it felt great watching a movie outside in a deck chair with the breeze blowing.

Today was a good day…. for us…. but apparently some of our neighbors are missing. We think maybe they all got put in the ship’s jail. The ship will incarcerate incredibly uncontrollable drunken/drugged guests until they sober-up (I learned this from an old friend who had this happen to him) and they will incarcerate passengers who may eventually be handed-over to authorities at the next port for serious drug violations, murder, etc. We don’t know what they did wrong. We don’t know where the missing guys are (for sure). We knew they were crazy loud yesterday and we hadn’t heard a peep out of them today and then as we were attempting to take our nap…. We heard someone return to the room and a bit later one guy screamed to another “What the F were you thinking?” and then some other people came in the room and they were saying one of the guys could get “12 to 14 years” and we clearly heard one of the guys say they had banned them from cruising for life. We have no idea what the actual story is but we know it’s completely quiet over there tonight - no one on the balcony, and no lights on tonight. There were 4, possibly 5, guys staying in the room initially. They were from Chicago. The younger one, the one that is still in the room because we hear him and see him, looked like a young punk and was acting super obnoxious yesterday. The other two that I saw in the hallway - olderish (mid-to-late 20s), diamond earrings, dressed like they stepped out of a sports magazine, hard eyes, etc.... we figure they were either selling or smuggling drugs and now at least one of them is being handed to the Bahamian authorities in Nassau but we do not know this for sure. All we know is it’s dead silent over there now. Since I'm writing this blog after the fact, I will say we saw security at the room a couple of times now and later we saw and heard a lady with a checklist going over what they needed to gather before Nassua -- she stood at the door reading to the young guy everything he needed to have ready before the ship docked in Nassau the next morning. This was clearly luggage and belongings for one of the other guys (or two?) whom apparently is being released to Nassau authorities. Sounds like drugs to us and unfortunately, just looking at them, they fit the stereotype perfectly.

I will say one thing. This ship is the first time in all the cruises we’ve ever taken that we have actively seen security out and about – not looking for things going wrong but actually “working” problems. Like, security is busy on this ship. So sad and strange to see however, we have never cruised out of Miami so maybe this is the norm here?

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Dive-in movie theaterDive-in movie theater
Dive-in movie theater

Avengers was before Jurassic Park - Kamie went upstairs and smoked so he wouldn't see the end while I grabbed two great seats for the 9:15pm movie - Jurassic World

11th October 2018

I wish I got to see the terrible dance show. It sounds AWESOME! Probably not best for overall FAMILY entertainment though... Kamie told me all about the thugs :) I would also LOVE to see a dive in movie. That looks so awesome! Is the new Jurassic World great?!? Avengers would've been awesome too!

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