Day 7: Wrangell, Alaska

North America
October 3rd 2018
Published: October 5th 2018
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Wednesday, October 3,

Wrangell, Alaska

I've been to small towns. My father grew up in a VERY small town in western Pennsylvania. I have not been to a town as small as Wrangell, Alaska. I have NO idea as to its population, but I can tell you - there's no traffic light, only stop signs. The local drivers all STOP and flag you on - no matter what! The speed limit through town was 15 mph! Parking was limited to, wait for it - 12 hours. No meters. SMALL. TOWN. When we got off the ship, which towers over the "city", we were greeted by a sign which reads... "welcome to Wrangell, elevation + or - 10 feet! Someone has a great sense of humor!

It took all of five minutes to walk through town. A few bars, a CPA and Tax Man - both of whom are neighbors; grocery, a lot of marine and boating concerns as well as a hunting supply store (Hunting is a way of life their sign reads). Charming, but one feels there's not a lot to "do" here; unless, of course you work on boats fish or hunt.

Some of the group took tours. We walked up one side of the street and down the other. Chose not to go into the museum/movie theater (double duty). Since we had a VERY short day - the Ship departs at noon - we got back on board and read. At lunch we each had a small salad.

We decided to play some more RUMMYKUB. Had a blast -went up to the games room this time. Three of the five tables were playing rummykub. Who knew it was so popular? One of the other tables was playing Mah Jong (with the ivory colored tiles.....gotta learn that game). We kept one eye on the game, and the other eye on the ocean in search of a whale, or some other sea creature. No Luck!

We made reservations for facials tomorrow. Got a text from Paula. Dinner for all tonight at the Grand Dining room...AH....a chance to share our bounty (Amarone).

Christopher and I started with foie gras, then each had the NY Stripsteak. For dessert, I had the Chocolate Charlotte, Christopher had the Baked Alaska (seemed appropriate for our last night in Alaska). We sipped a lot of Wine, but still have QUITE a lot to get through!

After dinner we went to the Regatta Lounge for SHOWDOWN..a music/variety show featuring Motown music in a competition. The judges were the audience (and 1 "judge" from the audience who attempted to determine who received the most applause). All I can say is Anthony was ROBBED! It was actually a good show. Thoroughly enjoyed it (Oceania is not known for their entertainment).

Show Over. BED. I have an early call for my facial.


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