Choosing the Perfect Cashmere Scarf

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July 28th 2018
Published: July 28th 2018
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It's almost strange how owning something as simple as a check cashmere scarf can make your outfit look fashion-forward, wholesome and chic. Accessories like a black cashmere scarf are an absolute must when it comes to giving a character to your overall look. It is a way to make a fashionable statement while at the same time having a practical role in keeping you warm during the chilly days, nevertheless if we are talking about the short and pleasant autumn days that turn into freezing winter nights or we are talking about the gorgeous mild early spring nights that turn into breezy summer mornings.

Nevertheless, if you are a newbie or already a pro, this few fashion tips will help you when buying and wearing chic scarves. They will provide you with all the helpful information on how to choose the right style that will flatter your body figure.

What Scarves to Invest in?

First things first, if you want to utilize your money, you need to focus on buying timeless and simple style items that can be worn on a number of occasions. Neutral colored 100 percent cashmere scarf will become your favorite fashionable on-the-go item to wrap around your neck. Beige (light neutral) or black (dark neutral) is the best pure cashmere scarf together with basic cotton scarves will allow you to have a patterned a colorful outfit without the need to sacrifice wearing a scarf.

Take it up a notch and buy some fashion scarves

Once you bought yourself the scarf essentials it's time to build on your collection with something that reflects your personal style. The ultimate way to add a pop of color to your overall look is to add a bright colored scarf maybe even printed/patterned.

Try experimenting with unusual yet interesting colors such as mustard yellow, deep blue, olive green, lemon yellow, purple, and silver shiny nit. When it comes to the fabric you can choose the soft cashmere, basic cotton, lightweight chiffon, or cotton-candy-like wool. What it all comes down to is what pattern you go with, don’t hold yourself back and try something unusual like old-time-favorite crochet, romantic lace, plaid cashmere scarf , red cashmere scarf, nautical-vibe stripes, polka dots, and ethnic prints.

One thing you mustn’t forget about is that when wearing a printed scarf you must avoid putting on a lot of other bright colors or patterns. In order, to achieve the elegance and the “looking-chic” look aim for a simplicity with the other “pieces of the puzzle” called outfit. This will put an accent on the scarf and your exceptional taste of course!

Choosing the right color

Since scarves are worn next to your face, it is really important to buy ones that will compliment your skin color, hair, and eyes. This simple trick will reduce your skin imperfections, therefore, you can use less makeup.

Choosing a scarf that compliments your body frame

When it comes to choosing the right 100 percent cashmere scarf one of the most important things to look out for is the scale and thickness of the scarf. This can either “break-it, or make it” the overall look.

The scale of the pure cashmere scarf is super-important for the petite and thin-boned women. After all, you don’t want to look lost in your warm cashmere scarf. The most appropriate scarves are the ones that have thin to medium knit texture such as the 100 percent cashmere scarf. For the full/ curvy body figures, you can choose to wear a thicker, longer, and larger scarves.

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