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North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah May 7th 1989

today marks a full week that we have been here...and the time really has slipped away. ever look at your alarm clock before you go to sleep, notice the time...roll over and back again to see that the time has magically changed 8 hours during the motion of rolling over? that is what it feels like at this moment. james, has introduced us to the game of BANANAGRAMS...if you have played it, you know how awesome it is...if that shit. well, we came up with a kickass idea to make it life size (we call it SAVANNAGRAMS) and play it in the park. for tomorrow, since james works for SCAD (google it) there is a thing called model in the park. we will do the modeling thing for a few and then will bust out ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah May 3rd 1989

so i walk into this liquor store to buy some cheap ass beer (cause that's what one buys when on a long journey with a tight budget) and i see a sign that says "Golden Dollar Coins Not Accepted"...and of course, i ask why...the man behind the counter says "It doesn't say In God We Trust"...This, is another sign of reminding me, that i am in the south. Also, from saturday morning at 12 until monday morning at 7...except at a bar or restaruant, you can't go buy alcohol....some crazy shit. we stayed, i believe it to be 5 days with goose and friends and then rolled out to where we are now, savannah, a dude name james' house we are becoming official fans of couch surfing and definately recommend it to others. savannah is ... read more

ummm....i woke up drunk...and decided i'd stay drunk...but once butch climbed up the patios to goose's floor (with his superman cape on)...we discovered...A. there was no booze left B. we played instruments last night C. boondocks saints is on DVD... so, we now are watching said movie...and are making coffee we arrived yesterday after leaving my friend Pedro's...he lives South of the may have met him a time or two... North Cack-a-lacky, i highly enjoyed...the majority of the state represents Bird Sanctuaries...something you dont notice right away...but as time flies by you slowly start to notice, there are birds everywhere...its actually kinda cool. all the people that we engaged with treated us well and were pretty fucking cool. during our stay, the weather gods faired us well. if you're ever in NC, Kill Devil Hills ... read more
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North America » United States » North Carolina April 22nd 1989

currently in wilmington, nc... couched surfed our way onto kaye's driveway...she let us tag along to play a game of kickball...just been chillin the past week...kinda are hankerin for a fire, so tonight we are gonna go camp. we also applied to do volunteer work at carolina beach state park...we will find out today if we are selected... the camper is doing great...our spirits are up...the weather gods are treating us fair...nothing too crazy as happened...except some crack head offered us to "buy her baby some shoes"...dont really have much time to write all that has happened...when i get a minute more..i'll drop some lines... also, the beard is growing nicely and the hair is still shaggy... till next time you radass mofo's...slang them high 5's... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Virginia Beach April 16th 1989

currently sitting on the veranda at butch's uncle's house...about a stone throws away from the water...the sun is out the vibes are up, and the coffe is flowing... sad to is now just "the butch and jeremiah show"...our travel mate, cara...has left us for greener and cleaner pastures...long story short, it wasn't her cup of tea... we left the mountains to head into ashland...stopped right outside of cuckoo to have some lunch. pulled off the side of the road to one of those trailers that serves smoked b-b-q...they enjoyed our story and company that they served us lunch for free...and it was mighty fine...(by the way, they do catering and all sorts of events...i got the hook up if needed)... we stayed at a campground that night...butch and i kept a nice fire going...and got ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia April 14th 1989

stardate...friday april 14, 1989 roughly 9:30am into the fourth day of our journey and i sit here in ashland, VA...enough clouds to drop rain, yet no water falls...could enough for a sweater this morning, yet i'm barefoot... spent our first two days in the mountains of shenandoah park, i highly recommend it. specially in the early stages of spring. i'm addicted to vegetation and all the different shades of green. watching life 'spring' back into everything in this existence (earth, people, and animals) is a pleasure. there is this sense of happiness that births into the smiles of all that i see.. we were given free cookies from a sweet old lady who runs Grandma Honey's Pantry...and free b-b-q from a cool ass couple outside of a town called is for me today, i will ... read more

North America » United States » Maryland April 6th 1989

...sorry its been a hot minute since i last wrote...but hey, its me... it's monday night and i have less than a week. i'm pretty much packed and ready to roll. cara and bob will arrive this friday afternoon sometime and we'll depart probably on sunday. for those of you that dont know...i met bob in germany with danny and amanda while on our european tour. we kicked it almost everyday for two weeks while celebrating oktoberfest. couldn't really tell you much from that initial interaction, for it was OKTOBERFEST...i remember beer, tree climbing, playing at the park, beer, american burger night, officially becoming a man, and his near death experience. if you saw him, you'd immediately think "that dude from Happy Gilmore, the one with the nail in his head" for cara, i've only met ... read more

North America » United States February 21st 1989

...the WALLY WAGON (aka Patriot Missle) is gonna be hitting the road soon...11 days left at the bank!!! i repeat...only 11 DAYS LEFT AT THE BANK!!! then i have a month to myself before we hit the road...a month you ask? yup...gonna continue to do my paintings and prep for my departure... this 'great american tour' will include Bobby, Cara, the Wally Wagon, and myself... our destination is to make it to cali...however, we have no set time frame for our arrival...just hit the road and go...along the way we will be doing some volunteer work...and whatever other shenanigans we can get into... i will do my best to keep you updated on our travels...and when possible, if we are in your may get a phone call, text, email, facebook or myspace messg to see ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Lake Worth February 4th 1989

As a result of my Dad's death in August, and being short staffed in my office at NATO, where some days I was expected to be in three meetings at once, in November 1988 I had a panic attack for the first time. I thought I was having a heart attack, but the doctor in the emergency room assured me that I was fine. However, for the next six months I was on a minimum dose of Xanax. Four days after the attack, the first reinforcements arrived in the form of Mike and Betty, our friends from Germany. Mike had been hired to take my place on the Infrastructure Payments and Progress Committee when I moved up to the Infrastructure Committee. I was scheduled to attend an Executive Development Seminar held by the Office of Personnel ... read more
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North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta January 23rd 1989

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