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North America » United States December 10th 2015

This Blog is no longer updated on a regular basis to provide for my time writing and the exploration of our great west. Please if you are new make sure to go through the individual content posted here. This blog contains areas highlighted and guaranteed to provide you and your family with endless adventure. If you need additional resources I am sure that you will find these links below more than helpful. ANASAZI WESTERN HERITAGE TOURS Please check out my book during it's upcoming release!book/c65q Or check out my online social pages url=http:... read more

C: So we left the bright lights and headed off to California. We wanted to go to Death Valley but I think we underestimated the distances a bit as we ended up driving nearly 500 miles in one day and doing DV the speed tourism way. It was very impressive, however, a massive basin of salt between mountains that looked like solid sand dunes. We were below sea level at one point And it was the hottest place we'd been to though still nowhere near the temperatures they get in summer. Unfortunately it was dark by the time we left so didn't see much of the scenic road out and got to our overnight stop, a seemingly very dull industrial city called Bakersfield very late. Thank God for 24hr Denny's and a really scruffy motel! The ... read more
Badwater Basin at Death Valley
Artists palate
Sunset at Badwater Basin

North America » United States » New York December 9th 2015

Tours have been booked, shows purchased, itineraries designed. It is going to be a full on few weeks, but will be the most amazing Christmas holiday, in the most amazing Christmas destination. What am I most looking forward too......that's too hard. I want to see as many shows as possible, on the must see list are Aladdin, Lion King, Misery, King Charles III and Matilda, and of course we absolutely going to the Rockettes and Elf and not to forget Billy Joel. I was to see all the Christmas displays. I want to have hot chestnuts, pretzels, pizza, bagels, donuts, cupcakes and hotdogs. I want to see all of the Christmas markets, and hopefully find a few nice craft ideas. I can't wait to skate on all three rinks, but most excitedly in front of the ... read more

North America » United States » California » Pismo Beach December 9th 2015

For those of us in California, we know the famed Pacific Coast Highway as either PCH, State Route 1 or Highway 1. It runs along most of the California coastline. The southern end point is Dana Point in Orange County. The northern terminus is at Leggett in Mendocino County. The Golden Gate Bridge is part of the PCH. For this, and many other reasons, it is called the All American Road. The image we have is the bright red convertible cruising down the coast, with cool ocean breezes, lots of tempting places to stop, and no timetable for a stop or destination. Travel experts call it the classic American route, and that it belongs on everyone's bucket list. If you have never driven the entire route, I strongly suggest it, with or without the red convertible. ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona December 8th 2015

Got up and going after G had had a surf. Traveled south in search of Captain Cook's last resting point. We actually didn't get there. The road was closed off. But we went to the bay he arrived in. Gorgeous scenery.. We then went on a random road and ended up at some historic site (technical term huh?) Taj : Look Mum, I am holding a big lava rock Kai : Look I have one too... Mum : Hold on Kai, what's that! Yours has poo on it!!! (Only Kai could find the ONE rock on the beach that someone has pooed on!!) We had a stroll, boys had a swim & looked around and then took off to find food. We had lunch at Sam Choys - a typical Hawaiian restaurant with a bit of ... read more

North America » United States » California » Santa Barbara December 8th 2015

First and foremost, I am going on my first international trip to London for New Years!!! Yayy!! the process of getting there has been an interesting one indeed. Since May I have not had internet so therefore no blog. I decided to try out love and move out to the woods with someone I had been dating for awhile to learn about farm life. After a stressful season and heartbreak, my branching out lead to meeting some really awesome people from London. The invite and pull out to the UK could not be ignored and I decided to jump on the idea and head out Christmas Eve. This begins, sparks and fulfills a dent in my wanderlust. So far I have created a Couchsurfers, Airbnb, and Trusted Housesitters profile to further expand my adventures. Although I ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki December 8th 2015

Traveling day from the Big Island to Waikiki.. Woke at 4:30am odd for a "need to be out of here by 6am" to get to the airport.. We were traveling well and had put through two loads of washing (as required by the apartment).. Had some breaky and said farewell to the most amazing place to stay - don't go think this was a modern abode - no, think of Nan's old wooden kitchen cupboards where the drawer falls down when you pull it out and the little vent circles in the doors.. BUT it was PERFECT.. would stay there again in a heartbeat.. We even looked at property here - the apartment above us was for sale - just under 500K.. anyone want to buy in - 8% giving you one month a year in ... read more
HAWAII D6 - Big Island to Waikiki-2
HAWAII D6 - Big Island to Waikiki-3
HAWAII D6 - Big Island to Waikiki-4

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona December 7th 2015

R&R After yesterday's adventures, today was PURELY R&R.. Surf was big - watched it.. GB hasn't got his board with him at the moment so we watched and drank tea.. Headed down to Kona for lunch - best burger ever at Splasher's Grill - I can't say enough how good it was - and I'm not a burger person.. Then we hit the shapers shops as GB was feeling like his right hand was cut off without his board.. Didn't find anything half decent (but he hired one so he can head out tomorrow) so headed to a black sand beach with the boys for a body board (courtesy of the apartment).. Finished it off with pizza made at the apartment and a sunset over a lava beach.. Just relaxing - tomorrow is our last full ... read more
HAWAII D4 R&R-49-2
HAWAII D4 R&R-48-2
HAWAII D4 R&R-47-2

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui December 7th 2015

Aloha, Our first stop was at the Maui Ocean Center with a guide who is an Ocean Naturalist. Beautifully laid out. The animals in their care are fed according to their needs, so feedings and shows are not offered. How refreshing! They also concentrate on breeding programmes with any marine life that is losing population. Sea Turtles are a good example. They are bred and then kept until they reach adulthood and can e returned to the ocean. Our afternoon was spent at Iao Valley State Park, considered a sacred site by the Hawaiian people. Very lush and green; they get 400 inches of rain per year. Our leader was a Traditional Hawaiian Medicinal Healer. He explained the many uses of indigenous plants. For example, the state tree, the Kukui or Candlenut Tree. There is so ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona December 6th 2015

Aloha, The original human settlers in Hawaii were a peaceful bunch. They believed in sharing and living in harmony. That worked until the Tahitans arrived. They established a caste system: the chief, the priests, the warriors, the teachers, the common folks and the slaves. They also developed a system called "Kapu"--think "taboo". Rules were arbitrary and were based on 20% protection of resources and 80% need for power. The penalties for breaking a rule--eating the wrong food at the wrong time, etc.--were harsh. It could involve loss of a body part or even death. There was, however a loop hold. If they could get to the Place of Refuge, or pu'uhonua, they could reflect on their sins and be pardoned by the priest. After a few days, they could go home. This system of control continued ... read more

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