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North America » United States » Massachusetts » Lowell July 2nd 2017

It rained hard last night. It was if someone knew it was our last day this far north on this trip and we were turning south into the warmth and wanted to make one last point. Breakfast at The Sanctuary was good, we spoke a little with the owner about her hotel and understand that they are offering it as a B&B for now, but the ultimate goal is to set it up as an artist retreat as there are plenty of other spaces available besides sleeping quarters in the building. We wished them luck, loaded up the bike and headed south.. The plan for the day was to stay on US-1S all the way along the coast of Maine until we crossed over the bridge from Kittery, ME to Portsmouth, NH. This is another of ... read more
Camden -  Looking At The Docks
Camden -  The Gallery
Wiscasset-  Looking Down Main St

North America » United States » Maryland July 2nd 2017

We woke up refreshed after a night in the motel where we all had our own double beds, with clean sheets and a shower that actually has hot water. A continental breakfast later and we were on the road again. The plan for the day was . . . . . Let's just stop there. There's no point saying what the plan for the days was because it changed so often. The Camouflage ManThe day started with a 3km climb out of town. Dave, Jeff and I were on the road and Tom was in the car. Off we went. At the top of the climb Dave and I waited for Jeff to get to the top. And he never turned up. We waited a few minutes and when we didn't see him come into sight ... read more

North America » United States » Connecticut » Trumbull July 2nd 2017

As the unfamiliar sound slowly crept into my consciousness I realized those sounds - theyre birds, and not California birds - it was almost as if they had an east coast accent. And that marshmallow you think envelopes you - you're in Aunt Eleanor's guest room and you're sleeping in the most comfortable bed you've ever slept in. Note to groggy self: Ask for the manufacture, model and style number and find immediately upon returning home. My east coast family has a lifestyle of always being on a mission. There's an energy that surrounds them, I almost feel boring in comparison but soon realize - we're family and there's no reason to compare. Breakfast at Cristy's in Westbrook, CT was nice and felt very east coast-ish. I had a butter pecan latte that made me think ... read more

North America » United States July 2nd 2017

So this is the end of third day of driving! We have put over 1,400 miles on the truck and camper and butts! We started the first leg of the trip with rain delays and added over an hour and a half to the trip by going 35 mph on the PA turnpike. We ended the night in Avon, Ohio at 2:03 am at a Cabela's. It was quiet and had a nice breeze for comfortable sleeping. Up and on the road again by 7:30 am. We stopped at rest stops for gas and bathroom breaks. A quick detour into Sturgis, Michigan so we could add that sticker to out map and then to Chicago. Our destination for the day was outside of Chicago at the ball field for Bandits. The Chicago Bandits are a professional ... read more

We said goodbye to Oakland today and departed for Lake Arrowhead via Sequoia National Park. There were tons of people at Sequoia so we didn't stay long. We arrived at Ana Passaseo's vacation house around 8pm. Tomorrow we'll be touring Occidental College and Claremont McKenna College. ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka July 2nd 2017

Another rainy day. Started the day with breakfast with our charming hosts.. then headed out to explore another area of the Island. So beautiful!! Stopped by the brewery to fill a couple of growlers Then to the pub for supper. Life is so laid back here.... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tallahassee July 2nd 2017

When we went on our trip to New York State and Niagara Falls, Canada we did not realize how many wineries we would visit and the amount of wine we would have accumulated during that time. As we started to buy more and more wine we decided it would be a great idea to share these bottles with some of my girlfriends. So the time had come and it was time to share some vino with my girlfriends. I wanted it to be a nice intimate experience with just a few friends and some good food to share. For this wine tasting I decided to create a few cheese boards. I do not know too much about pairing wines with cheeses so I asked 319 Wine and Cheese for guidance. 319 Wine and Cheese( If you ... read more
Zinnias from mymailbox flowerbox
Cheeseboard 1
Cheeseboard 2

Weather wise it hasn't been bright sunny skies , but hey ho we make the best of it and we have seen such dramatic skies and landscapes and marvelled at the conditions that the native people and Alaskan pioneers have coped so resourcefully and we have no idea what it would be like in winter. Our journey for 3 days took us down the Kenai peninsula to Seward and Homer , we almost bumped into a cow moose munching grass at the side of the road - I was just going to say to Ros " there's a horse " when we both said 😲 " it's a moose ". We took a 3.5 hour boat trip and you will see from the photos it was rainy and cloudy but that didn't matter I almost lost ... read more
Exit Glacier
At the Edge

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World July 2nd 2017

We both woke up before the alarm. I went out on the balcony to watch the sunrise and Nikki got ready. Today was debarkation day. After we were ready, we went up to Windjammer Marketplace to get breakfast. We ate leisurely because our debarkation time was not estimated until 8:30. We strolled around the deck after breakfast and then went down to our stateroom to grab our bags and head to the Silk Dining Room to wait for them to call our debarkation group. We waited about 15 minutes and then got off the ship. It went fairly smoothly and we were in our rental car and on the way to Walt Disney World within an hour. We had decided to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom and see the new Pandora area of the park before ... read more
Pandora Map
Floating Mountains

North America » United States » Idaho » Boise July 2nd 2017

The road west on US 20 from Craters of the Moon National Monument near Arco ID to Mountain Home ID is an excellent highway over mostly flat terrain interspersed with some rolling hills. From Mountain Home, I took I-84 west to Boise Riverside RV Park in the Boise ID suburb of Garden City ID. The RV park has small spaces and narrow roads, but an assistant accompanied me to the site and helped me position my rig in the back-in site. I’m pretty happy with the new diesel – the on-board computer showed 12.0 miles per gallon from Arco to Garden City as I was PULLING the Bighorn. That’s about 50 percent better than my old truck while pulling the Pilgrim. Pretty much as soon as I had gotten the rig settled in, my neighbor, Eric, ... read more
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