Tips For Travelling In Luxury While On A Budget

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August 25th 2017
Published: August 25th 2017
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Look For Error Fares

These are like little gold nuggets that you can randomly find on the internet sometimes! An error fare is a human error or technical issue that shows up online at a much lower price than the regular one. Rather then spending endless hours searching for a mistake that might not exist, you can use the internet to save you tons of time.

Luxury travel is an art form and if you know what to do, you can get incredible deals.

Get Your Luxury Experiences Prioritized

Before going on the trip of your dreams, write down everything that is important to you. If you don't really care that much about transportation but want to focus spending your money on lavish hotels, then you will know where you need to budget for your trip. If all you need is a bed to sleep in for the night but love to eat the finest food, then you will know where you need to budget for your trip. Just make sure you are realistic about what things mean the most to you and you can still live luxuriously!

Travel During The Shoulder Season

Or Off Season

All locations have an off season. It is January through March in Europe, May through September it is certain areas in Africa and Southeast Asia, and April through August is usually the off season for the Caribbean. If you are traveling during those times, you can save money on food, hotels and flights.

When you travel during the off season you might have to sacrifice great weather, but you will be amazed at the amount of money you can save. Some hotels in Europe and Southeast Asia even provide you with a 50%!d(MISSING)iscount when you travel in the off season!

Eat Very Well, Yet Small

One important aspect of traveling in luxury involves eating incredible cuisine from other parts of the world. When you are on a budget that doesn't always mean you are unable to enjoy eating at fancy restaurant. You can still eat at your dream restaurants, just don't order using your eyes. Order less food to help you save money when dining at high-end restaurants.

To enjoy your dining experiences without having to break the bank try out some of the following tips:

• Eat slowly
• Consider ordering dessert somewhere else
• Eat a couple snacks that you buy at a grocery store before going to the restaurant
• Oder a meal and then split it with someone

Divide Your Time Between Two Different Worlds

What I mean by two worlds, is mainly dividing your time between budget travel and luxury travel. For example, maybe you are traveling to celebrate your anniversary. It might be worth it to splurge for a couple of nights on an incredible hotel to celebrate, but then maybe for the remainder of your stay you can stay at hostels, affordable hotels or Airbnbs.


These days, traveling is mainly about showing off. Some people love taking fancy photos just so they can say that they've been certain places, but don't really want to have to spend the money at those locations.

So if that is the type of traveling you want to do, then just pretend you are leading a life of luxury and stay in all type of budget properties, eat at inexpensive restaurants and use cheap forms of transportation. Who will know otherwise?

Travel Hacking

Like I have said numerous times in the past, collecting points is key! You can collect points through web portals, dining rewards, credit cards and newsletters and then spend your points on the world's best hotels. Be be sure you are careful with your finances and don't get into more debt simply too acquire more points.

Carmen's Luxury Travel offers fantastic tips and advice on all aspects of luxury travel and gives you insights on all the locations offering incredible luxury vacations.


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