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June 24th 1991
Published: October 5th 2019
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June 21, 1991

Altoona, PA- Our trip started at 11:20 when we left quiet little Bronxville in a car provided by Bronxville Trip. Our driver had played minor league baseball for the Mets. By the way I had a terrible sunburn. When we arrived at Penn Station we looked for somewhere to eat. We found a Roy Rogers. We stayed there for almost two hours. We ate lunch next to Colombian drug runners. Meanwhile. I went to a newsstand and bought Spectacular Spiderman, Spiderman, and Captain America comic books. We then waited to get on the train. Then we boarded. By then I had broken out in blisters. The interesting places I saw were Newark, Philadelphia, and Lancaster. The Amish country was as beautiful as ever. I played chess and Old Maid. I had catfish and cheesecake for dinner. During the night we will be going through Pittsburgh and Youngstown. Now I am signing off.

June 22, 1991

Creston, IA- Today I woke up at 7:00 am. The train arrived around two hours late. After we got up, Dad and I went to breakfast and ate the best sausages I ever had. Then we retired to our room as we zoomed across Indiana. But we finally reached Chicago. We checked in at our hotel, which was of course a very nice hotel. We watched some television. We ate lunch at McDonald's. We then proceeded to the Sears Tower. We watched a six-minute movie about Chicago. Then we went to the top, but there was zero visibility. But nonetheless Dad did not come close to the windows. We checked out of the hotel. At the train station Dad almost got pickpocketed. The rooms on the train are very nice. At dinner we passed over the Mississippi River. Very wide! I had a very nice banana cake for desert. During the night we will pass through Nebraska. Does Nebraska exist? Good night everyone.

June 23, 1991

Provo, UT- At 4:00 am I had woken up with terrible itching on my back. It was sheer torture for two hours. I finally went back to sleep. When I woke up we were in Denver. We got out. We ate something. I had a root beer. I also bought an Adventures of Superman comic. Then we went out and saw the city of Denver. Denver is small, but nice. On the train I had the same breakfast. But the real thrill of the day was going through the Rockies. They just take your breath away. We went through many gorgeous canyons. We saw snow in the middle of June! The rocks are mainly red from the iron that came from the Earth's core. I saw a lot of nothing towns. I also saw a lot of barren wastelands where they test nuclear weapons. The train is now rocketing towards Salt Lake City. So long!

June 24, 1991

San Francisco, CA- Today I had the best night's sleep of the entire trip. When I woke and looked out the window I saw very barren country. The first stop was Sparks, Nevada. It was as small a town as you can get. We also saw Reno. What I saw was a lot of casinos, neon lights, and fancy motels. We then proceeded to go through the Sierra Nevadas. I also had my last two meals on the train. I played chess with my sister, stalemate. We went through Sacramento and finally arrived at Oakland ahead of time.We then said goodbye to the California Zephyr and got on a bus to San Francisco. We went across the Bay Bridge. We then checked in at the Best Western Civic Center. Then we went to Chinatown and ate dinner at the Imperial Palace. Chinatown is really cool. Signing off....

This entry comes out of a journal that I started on an epic trip out west I took with my family. Unfortunately, I wasn't a very diligent 7th grader and stopped writing after four days. Too bad, because it would have been wonderful to include entries from the entire trip, which consisted of San Francisco, Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce.


5th October 2019

I love blogs about past journeys...
If you remember the rest of your journey and have pictures, which help remind you, then go ahead an write the blog(s).!
5th October 2019

I just might do that some day, but I love how this blog definitely has that "12-year-old" voice.
12th October 2019
Journey through America

Riding the rails
A great way to travel.

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