The treatment for skin disease melasma

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November 26th 2014
Published: November 26th 2014
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People hate anything which disturbs beauty. One of the disturbances is dark spot in skin which is technically referred as hyperpigmentation. The commonly occurring hyperpigmentation disease is melasma where female gets highly affected to this disease. In USA alone, more than 6 million people gets attacked by this disease. More than 90%!o(MISSING)f people who were affected by this disease is females. However, doctors were not certain about the pathogenesis of this disease, but it is believed as over exposure of sun rays and other inter hormonal changes influence the occurrence of this disease.

Diagnosing of skin disease

Melasma commonly occurs in central face, jawline. Cheeks and upper lips. Some time it occurs in neck and forearms also. But this situation is out of ordinary. Melasma is classified into four different types based on the pattern in which it occurs. They are epidermal, dermal, mixed and the fourth one is unnamed. When excess melanin is found in exterior surface of skin is considered as epidermal which is also implied from the name. Second type is on the dermal layer and the third is mixing of dermal and epidermal melasma. The fourth type is commonly found to the people who are in dark colouredcomplexion since they have excess melanocytes which possess the melanin pigment. Melanoma can be diagnosed by back light or wood’s light. Usually, melanoma can found by naked eye. A good dermatologist can diagnose the pattern by looking it.

Treatment of melanoma

Melanoma occurs to women during pregnancy and those who are spending most of their time under sun. So it can be avoidable by not going in sun or wearing hats and dresses which cover the whole body from sun. Also by applying sunscreen with at least 30 SPF twice a day and before going out. UVB is passing through glasses of house and applying sunscreen even inside the house is good for skin. But over use of sunscreen will show ill effects like dry and itchy skin. By using dark spot remover which contains 4%!h(MISSING)ydroquinone, retinol, Arbutin, alpha hydroxyl acid and vitamin c shows effective results in clearing dark pigmentation. Usually, 2 %!o(MISSING)f hydroquinone is present in creams which sufficient enough to lighten the skin without irritation. The hormone therapy such as progesterone replacement should be avoided. Since progesterone is responsible for hyper pigmentation. When high concentration of hydroquinone was used continuously it leads to a side effect known as ochronosis. But you can use low concentrated HQ cream. The commercial creams include azelaic agent, retinoic acid, kojic acid, adapalene lactic acid and glycolic acid with hypo pigments and 2%!o(MISSING)f HQ. Other sophisticated treatments like laser treatment, chemical exfoliation and microdermabrasion etc. can be done by trained dermatologists. Laser treatment cannot be the appropriate choice of treatment for hyperpigmentation.Itis causing<a name="_GoBack"></a> some serious side effects. It can be used as temporary treatment only after consulting dermatologist. Creams also not the permanent solution for melasma. Certain creams will not be used during pregnancy. It might affect the child. So prevention is better option. Avoid sunlight between 10 am to 4 pm where the sun rays are strong during this period.


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