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December 2nd 2011
Published: December 2nd 2011
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Sit back and look at these oatmeal peanut butter and M&M cookies you can't have, and enjoy the blog as it develops!
Ok. Before you go clicking though this, I figured I ought to let you know what you're getting into. I am not handy with a camera. Sure, I know how to operate one on a basic level, but I really should be using a point-and-shoot, or more effective: a person who isn't camera-stupid. With this, I apologize for the bad angles, corner of a finger/body part/camera strap, lighting, blur (especially on stationary objects), and the non-existent pictures. Oh yes, the non-existent pictures. Because, you see, I get easily distracted and often forget I even have a camera. Or forget to change the batteries or memory card while still believing I am, in fact, recording images, some of which I will not likely have a chance to witness again in this lifetime. These latter two are simply because I do not think to check my camera in a timely manner, which would have alerted me to these facts. With that, I give you Robin's Trip to Europe That You Are Going to Have to Take My Word About For A Bunch of Stuff Cause I'm An Inept Picture-Taker.


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