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May 6th 2011
Published: May 7th 2011
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In the "Travel the USA with KOA Grand Tour" you are asked to find Cities, Towns, Counties or KOA campgrounds. The target names are listed in all capitals in the below little explanation that the hosting group put together:

“When you travel, you may go down the HILL, over the RIVER, or through the WOODs. You may travel to a CITY, or just a TOWN. Some people like to travel to the LAKE or spend time on the BEACH. Some like to travel in the SPRING, some in the FALL, but all bikers try to not hit ROCKs on the road, and like to stay in KOA’s."

The grand tour is an AMA Grand Tour that is hosted by the Midnight Riders.

The rules are simple.

1) You must ride your motorcycle to a city, town or county that has one of the above listed names in it or to any KOA campground in the USA.

2) Your Grand Tour Identification # sign (mine is # 43) must be in every photo you submit and you bike has to be in at least 25 of the 30 photos.

3) You may only submit 30 photos. Each of the names above will be assigned a numerical point to it and your points are totaled. If you have at least one of all bonus locations submitted in your scoring packet the rider gets 30 extra points.

The rider with the most points wins a set of Dunlop Tires.

While I was waiting for my rider number to arrive in the mail my sons and I sat down with a map and mapped out our winning route. Of course we are going for the 30 extra points and in an attempt to have a better chance of big points we have mapped out several of each bonus locations.

The tour runs from April 1st until November 30, 2011. I plan on finishing well ahead of schedule. I have my 30 locations mapped out into six trips but have a back up route to cover any bad locations in my routes that would make my total Grand Tour finishing in seven trips.

Stay tune or subscribe to my blog and catch all the excitment of the Tour!

Additional photos below
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Rear of bike with Rally FlagRear of bike with Rally Flag
Rear of bike with Rally Flag

Tring to figure out where to display it when finding my bonus locations.
KOA Map and Score SheetKOA Map and Score Sheet
KOA Map and Score Sheet

I need to find the 30 locations that will give me the most points.

8th May 2011

Can't wait to follow along again this year. Loved your trip last year.
8th May 2011

I've been doing these AMA Grand Tours for about a decade now. Finish some of them, run out of time on others. I'm signed up for this one and have plenty of places to visit this summer that I've never been to before. My wife calls all of the pictures I've taken on these tours bike butt pictures as that's where my 'rally' sign is. have fun.

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