Pre-Trip Part V: Insurance

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February 19th 2011
Published: February 19th 2011
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One of the last major parts of the pre-trip purchases was to get travel & health insurance. This ended up costing me $1,600. At first it seemed steep, but when I think about what I am covered for, it seems worth it, especially for a long trip like mine. This was the first time I had to purchase it, so it took longer then I expected. I ended up picking Access America and so far they seem great, hopefully though today would be the only time I have to contact them.

For those that don't know much about travel insurance here are some of the things that it covers. Besides giving me medical & dental coverage, it covers emergency medical transportation in case I am in a area that doesn't have a good hospital and it will pay for a flight back to the states if I need it. If I do need to use this plan, it will most likely be for the travel insurance. If my trip gets cancelled or delayed before I leave, it will reimburse me the full cost. If there is an emergency or death at home while I am gone, it will cover the remaining costs of my trip. If flights or trains are delayed more than 6 hours, it will pay for hotels and meals. If my bag gets lost or someone steals it, I'm covered. There is also more but I'm sick of reading this stuff so I will let you research the rest.

I also got my EuroRail train ticket and they included in full map of Europe with all the major rails and a book of the time tables. Now I will sit down and see if I can come up with a realistic idea of what I'm going to do. I didn't realize that the ticket I purchased even covers ferry's to many destinations, so this opens up a whole bunch more places. I will also post some of the equipment and items I am going to take with me and some funny stories of my bad luck in my past trips. Please let me know if there is anything else anyone wants to know or hear about!!!


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