Pre-Trip Part IV: Overland Routes

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February 19th 2011
Published: February 19th 2011
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*It helps if this step is done the same time as your visas because this can help show proof of what you will be doing in each country, where you will be staying, and that you will be moving on.

While my plane tickets are getting me to different regions, I next had to figure out some of my overland routes. In Europe, I bought a unlimited use 3 month EuroRail pass from their website for $2,000. This allows me to travel freely between 22 countries. I picked to fly into Germany because it is in central Europe and will let me see northern & western France on my way down to Portugal and Spain for the running of the bulls. After that, I am not really planning to much and will go where & when I feel like it.

As for the other parts of my trip, I decided to use a tour group company for countries I heard are hard to travel by yourself without speaking the local languages. Number 1 being China. Whenever I picked to use a tour group, I am allowing myself at least a few days before and after to experience the countries myself. Since I have never used a tour group, I took the advise of my travel wise sister and decided on Gap Adventures. She has used them in the past and had good things to say. Thank you Jaime for your help! Anyways, when I called them, they seem very helpful not only with their tours but other destinations I might want to check out on my trip and suggested tips on getting my visas. So far I have signed up for 3 tours because you get a discount. The first takes me around China and Hong Kong, the second helps me get around Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia, and a short one in northern India just to get the discount. India is the one time in my trip I'm concerned about the weather since monsoon season starts right when I land there. That should lead to some good posts later on. I am also currently looking at a tour at the very end of my trip that will either take me up Machu Picchu by train or if I should take the 4 day hike up the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. I am going to decide this when I get closer so I can see how much energy I still have and I didn't want to commit to any dates yet since I don't really know when I will be there. If anyone wants to join me there around November, let me know!


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