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August 20th 2009
Published: August 25th 2009
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Welcome to my new travel blog. Some of you took the time and followed me on my last adventure and some of you are new. As many of you know I took my first big solo adventure through much of South America two years ago. Since my return I have worked hard at finding ways to escape the real world and afford to get myself back on the road. It began with moving to Steamboat Springs. You might remember that I met a special girl while traveling last time. Somehow I convinced her to come to the United States and live with me for the year. (I think it was the ski season in Steamboat that really pulled her in) Anyway, Natalie came all the way from Australia on a 1 year Visa and we have had a blast the entire time. We ratcheted up about 80 days of skiing and when the season ended we took our saved funds from the winter, bought an old beat up '94 Subaru Wagon and hit the road. We went through most of the Western United States National Parks. Then, we then spent 1 month as ranch hands in Montana where we learned all sorts of valuable skills. Fence building, flood irrigation, weed killing (not by smoking) but with poisons, cattle branding, cow/bull butchering, and meat grinding. Next stop was a month backpacking trip across the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada mountains. 25 days, 230 miles, and 14 pounds behind me the prep for our next adventure started. Central America. We have a flight into Costa Rica on August 25th. While I have 3 months to venture north to Mexico City, Natalie sadly has only 2 months. She has a flight back to Australia in late October. 😞 Enough of the sad talk though. I will worry more about that as the time comes closer. Anyway, I just wanted all of you to know that we are heading south of the border for another great adventure and an overabundant amount of fried food. Here are some pictures of our recent travels and more pictures and blog entries should follow in the coming weeks/months. Take care all and thanks for reading my blog!


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Death Valley NPDeath Valley NP
Death Valley NP

Devils Golf Course

25th August 2009

Good Luck
I am at work slaving away, while you and Natalie are going on another wonderful adventure. Have fun and be safe. Love, Dad
25th August 2009

James! How exciting! Your pictures are making me homesick :( I'm so glad you and Natalie were able to see all of that and get to spend an awesome season in Steamboat! That's personally my favorite ski mountain. Best of luck trekking through Central America. I look forward to reading more posts! Bon voyage! Chrissy
25th August 2009

What a wonderful trip!
Hey James! I'm up here in the Pacific Northwest having a blast, but it doesn't sound like as much fun as you're having! Natalie sounds wonderful, and I remember your pictures of her from two years ago. Check out my blog at if you wonder what I've been up to! I look forward to your new adventure...
25th August 2009

I am really pissed off that you folks are about to embark on another adventure. As a concerned family member...... When are you going to get a real job. There you go Mary I said it. Goood luck guys and keep the cards and letters coming
25th August 2009

You Hemmoroid!
Hurry back for another ping pong lesson dog! I'm goin to spank you good. Have a great trip. Don't be anyones mule and treat Natalie like a queen.... Unc
1st September 2009

Just another hiccup!
The photos are spectacular! I guess you can put up with a lot of airport hassle to get to the places you have been! May that hiccup at LAX be the worst of your glitches, and may your travels be safe and all that you have hoped them to be. Totally jealous. :) Aunt Nan

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