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July 28th 2005
Published: July 29th 2005EDIT THIS ENTRY

The CanThe CanThe Can

MMmmmmmmmm... looks good... notice: "Made with real cereal", on the back it reads "Smooth blend"
Here's to trying new things...

Driving through some state, I'm lost track of which- they've all sort of become sort of a blur. State lines sneak up on us, and the "Welcome To:" signs have become as common as speed signs. A few weeks ago we drove to a nice town (Shepardstown) outside Hagerstown Maryland (So many "towns") we didn't realize we had crossed into West Virginia until sitting down in a tea shop which's menu read the current state. Strange feeling not know where you. We get confused a lot. But it's also exciting in a way- if we don't know where we are... then no one else really does either. On a turn-pike somewhere in PA, I made that realization that no one knew where Megan and I were at that moment. Random, but another interesting observation and feeling to add to the many I've been making and feeling.

But anyway to the point, we were driving somewhere, let's say- Ohio, and we stoped in a Gas Station and that is where we made the discovery of a lifetime. The future is now. (Or rather then as it was several weeks ago.) No longer will man be confined by such layman's tools as bowls and spoons. With the help of modern technology (and special preservatives we now can drink, that's right- drink, our cereal from a can. I give you: Liquid Cereal. Made from real cereal. There really aren't words to describe, so I'll just give you our photo montage.

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The Result...The Result...
The Result...

Not so good...
The Result 2The Result 2
The Result 2

Still not good...
Mouths eye viewMouths eye view
Mouths eye view

Peptobismo meets vomit... chunks and all- not so smooth... nastiest thing we ever tasted. The can has been embalmed (it's insides poured out beside the gas station and the mouth stuffed with a paper towl) and is the start of our "can's of wonder" collection. Of which includes: "Lennonade" from the International Spy Museum in DC

29th July 2005

Yuck! I should have waited to read this until after I've had my coffee and a bit of breakfast...You were very adventuresome to try Liquid Cereal....Who makes it? Sounds like you're having a great experience; we love reading of the latest travels. Love to you, Drenda
29th July 2005

eww that is one scary product... watch the state of the worlds nutrition decline even further... should be its catch phrase
5th August 2005

Hi Zack
I'm visiting Steve, Leslie and Sam. It was great to leave the Florida heat behind, but soon I will be going back; on Thursday. I love reading your traveloges. I feel like you are here with me and talking to me (I wish). You are a great writer and I always have a smile on my face when I read them, can't wait for the next one. What a great experience! It is great being here with the Koval family and looking forward to Thanksgiving. Sam is working as an instructor teaching sailing to kids again this summer. Love you, Grandma Written by Grandma 7/30/05, typed by Steve when our internet connection was fixed 8/5/05

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