7 Reasons To Add Disc Golf To Your Travel Itinerary

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October 21st 2022
Published: October 21st 2022
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So you're heading out on a trip soon? Lucky! Whether it's for business or pleasure, be sure to save some time to check out a disc golf course. No, we're not joking. With so many new disc golf courses popping up, find some downtime during your next trip and get outside to explore a new course, and who knows, maybe you'll get a coveted ace!

Make your next vacation memorable by packing a disc golf disc or two! Here are seven reasons to add disc golf to your next travel itinerary.

1. Disc golf doesn't require much, if any, planning.

One of the best things about including disc golf in your next itinerary is that you don't have to plan it, ironically. Most other vacation or trip activities require planning, like making a reservation or booking a time slot, so you can be sure you'll get in. Disc golf sessions can be impromptu or planned!

If you find some free time, a quick Google search will pull up local disc golf courses that are relatively easy to get to. There's nothing better than playing it by ear and heading out for fun!

2. Disc golf doesn't cost money to play!

Once you've arrived at the disc golf course or park, all you need is a disc—no entry fees, no membership fees, no nada! If you're on a trip, you won't need to allocate extra fun money or budget for this activity because it's as close to free as free can be.

Looking for an activity you can repeatedly do without incurring extra costs (provided you don't keep losing your discs)? Disc golf is where it's at. However, we're not responsible if you go broke buying sweet discs. It happens to the best of us.

Don’t have any discs yet? Don’t worry! There are plenty of online disc golf shops to choose from. My personal retailer of choice isreaperdiscs.com because of their cheap prices, fast shipping, and helpful reviews.

3. You'll get your steps in.

It's insanely easy to be a lazy bum on vacation. Disc golf is a great way to stay still active even when you're on a trip. And if you're at a disc golf course, chances are it was laid out thoughtfully in a beautiful park, so get those steps in and stay moving while you check out those sights!

4. Disc golf doesn't take all day.

You can easily get in 18 holes before lunch if you want to! If you're on a work trip with limited windows of free time, disc golf is a great activity that won't eat up your entire day, leaving you plenty of space for other activities!

A 9-hole course can average about a half-mile walk, and that's nothing! A short little walk, and that's it—no need to scramble about running late to your next activity.

5. You can destress while taking in the great outdoors.

There's something magical that happens to humans when we get outside. We're basically complicated plants- we need sun and water to thrive, and a healthy dose of good weather and some fun does the body some serious good. There are physical and mental benefits to playing disc golf and mental and emotional!

Letting off steam after some stressful meetings will be easy as you watch your discs glide through the air, taking your worries with it. Take a deep breath, center yourself, and enjoy being present.

6. You can meet new people on your travels.

The world is small, and it's getting smaller by the second. Nowadays, meeting people and staying in touch is unbelievably easy. Disc golf is a great way to make new friends on your travels and keep in touch with the hopes of playing together again! Even if you're somewhat introverted, it's a fact that disc golf is more fun with other people.

Disc golf, by nature, is super-inclusive, and if you're new to the community, welcome! We're glad you're here. No matter where you are on your vacation or trip, you'll take solace in seeing people throwing discs and knowing you share that remarkable commonality!

7. Simply put, it's fun (and popular!)

Disc golf is easy to learn, and while it can be full of challenging moments, it's straight-up fun. Learning techniques, throwing and practicing with your discs, or trash-talking with new friends are all part of the game.

Disc golf has exploded in popularity ever since the2021 Disc Golf World Championships which made headlines all over the world. In case you are out of the loop; check out the infamous “holy shot” video

Make your next vacation extra memorable just by packing a couple of lightweight discs in your carry-on or the trunk of your car. And once you have the basics of disc golf down, you'll enjoy yourself each time you (make the right choice) head outside the play disc golf! And you'll find yourself missing it when you're not there.


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