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December 23rd 2020
Published: December 23rd 2020
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Local travelers like to use public transport as it is a reliable and cost-effective way of moving from one point to another. But, hiring a rental car during your vacation makes a lot of sense. There is no better way to explore the destination than to drive around without following fixed schedules. Thousands of travelers prefer to rent a car during vacations since it's cheaper and can open a new range of possibilities. While driving in a new city can be overwhelming, it pays off to hire a car in some destinations such as LA and Javea. With a GPS or google map, there is nowhere you can't go. Here is why you need to consider car hire Javea during your fantastic vacation.


Having your car offers you 100%!f(MISSING)lexibility and convenience of movement. You don't have to stick to transportation schedules and timelines, and you can always change your plans as you go. Remember that unplanned detours are more likely to make the vacation most memorable. Since you want every minute of your vacation time to count, you don't have to spend hours on buses and trains getting frustrated with the endless stops. With a rental car, you can arrive at the attraction site ahead of the tour buses, you can stop to take photos of breathtaking views, and you can take any unscheduled stops.


This may sound like a simple consideration, but it is equally important. You are on vacation, and you should enjoy as much comfort as you can. Having a car gives more comfort and personal space. You can spread out as you want, control the air conditioner, and take charge of the playlists as you explore the destination. That is unlike being in cramped up trains or standing during the rush hours.

Comfort also includes the ability to pull over floor food, the bathroom, air, or stretch up. Since you want to enjoy your vacation, you need to consider your physical comfort.

Explore new destination

Did you know that many destinations are more than what is within their city limits? You may only be within a driving distance to get to some incredible attractions during your vacation. Driving yourself means you are not stuck within the same region. You can explore new places and discover new authentic attractions that other travelers don't get to see.


Although public transportation seems like the most cost-effective way to get around the city, what about the time wasted at different stops and stations? Considering the freedom, convenience, and time management it gives you, car renting is a cheaper option. Remember that time is money, so time wasted at the public pick up stations is worth a lot more.

However, it's important to budget and do your calculations. Check what it would cost you to hire cabs for transfers right from the airport or joining buses during a single day. If you prefer car renting, factor in the entire hire costs, including gas and parking costs.

Understand the restrictions

Every car hire company has restrictions. For instance, some of them will not allow you to drive outside the state. Ensure you understand the restrictions to decide whether renting is valuable to you or not.

The bottom line

The transportation mode you choose to use can improve or ruin your vacation. Hiring a car means you move with flexibility, convenience, freedom, and explore more sites.


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