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September 27th 2020
Published: September 27th 2020
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While planning a short yet affordable international vacation, the country that hits all Lahori’s mind is Dubai. The flight duration from Lahore to Dubai is short and the country is beautiful with buildings like Burj Khalifa and malls like Dubai Deira. However, workers also tend to visit Dubai frequently for business related work. A lot of Lahoris also reside in Dubai and hence their families keep visiting too.

However, one common thing all these people with different interests search for is cheap flights to Dubai. We will now direct you over how to get access to Lahore to Dubai ticket price at a significantly lower rate.


Booking is a very important aspect. Ensure to book your flights a few days prior to travelling. Late booking can always cause you an arm and a leg. Furthermore, try a cheap way of booking. Whenever you involve a third party to any sort of work it does cost you more. So, avoid getting tickets booked from travel agents. They might charge hefty commissions which will be an additional cost to your travelling. Try switching to online booking. Directly visit the online website of the airline and get your ticket booked. If you’re not familiar with the process of online booking, don’t worry! An ample of tutorials are available to assist you.


While getting a cheap flight is something, we all want, it's important to be wary of the quality of service provided. This is where reviews help. It's very important to read reviews about the prices of different airlines and their service quality. You have to spend around 2 hours on that seat so make you sure you’re comfortable with the ambiance. For details about quality and cost ambiance, try reading reviews online. They are easily accessible on different review websites. Or try asking your friends and colleagues who have previously travelled.

Choosing the seat, yourself

Travelling alone and don't want to be stuck between two strangers? Or travelling with family and prefer a couple of seats together? Don't worry as online ticket booking sites will take care of your comforts. Instead of waiting in long queues to book tickets and dealing with the airport staff to let you book the window seat, go online and do it yourself without the hassle of a third person involvement. On the ticket booking site, you can view the availability of seats and book your own seats according to your preferences.

Getting tickets at a cheaper fare

Online ticket booking also enables you to travel overseas or plan a vacation abroad on a budget. Yes you heard that right! You can cut your ticket expenditure dramatically by booking tickets online. Price alerts on websites notify you whenever a hike or a drop in ticket fares occur. Moreover, you can also earn bonus points on online credit card payments which can be later redeemed to waive off baggage fees or even a ticket fare!

Finally, last minute price drops may also occur if there are vacant seats on flight as airlines try to fill all of their seats before taking off. Such price drops are huge discounts on ticket fares that might drastically reduce your flight expenditure.

You can also get cheap flights to Dubai by comparing various airline flight fares online and choosing the cheapest option available

Final thoughts

We hope this article is able to convince you to shift your ticket booking process online.

Online ticket booking is very convenient and results in greater savings. Price alerts, bonus points, reading reviews and booking your preferred spot onboard are some of the many perks of online ticket booking. However, it is crucial to keep an eye out for possible scams that may result during credit card payments.


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